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  • Speaking English is not easy.

  • The best way to get better is to practice speaking with other people or in a class.

  • But you cannot always find a person to practice with or a class to take.

  • So, how can you practice speaking English alone?

  • I will explain three ways to improve your speaking when you are alone.

  • The first way is to read aloud.

  • It is very simple and easy to do.

  • If you read aloud, then your tongue gets used to making the sounds in English.

  • You get comfortable saying the words.

  • So, when you actually speak English, it will be easier for you.

  • So, the next time you are reading at home, try reading a few pages in a loud clear voice.

  • It is like practicing dance steps at your home.

  • If you do it enough then later you can do it without thinking about it.

  • The second way is to doshadow reading”.

  • You will need a text and audio for this one.

  • For shadow reading, you will listen and speak at the same time.

  • So, as you listen to the audio read the text aloud.

  • Don’t just read in your head.

  • You have to say the words loudly and clearly.

  • Try to follow the pronunciation and speaking style of the speaker.

  • This is really hard to do and you will not be able to do it perfectly.

  • That is okay.

  • If you keep practicing, then it will get easier.

  • I recommend choosing a short text.

  • It should not be longer than 30 seconds.

  • And you should practice more than once.

  • It is best if you practice each one 5-10 times.

  • This way you get used to saying the same sentences and words.

  • Last, a great way to practice speaking English alone is to use the apps by

  • TheEnglish Speaking Practiceapp is great for beginners and intermediate learners.

  • And theEnglish Conversation Practiceis great for intermediate and more advanced

  • learners.

  • With these apps you can see hundreds of real English conversations.

  • You can listen to native speakers and hear clear pronunciation.

  • You can practice shadow reading.

  • You can use the practice conversation feature to actually do one part of the conversation.

  • You can even record your voice to hear how you sound.

  • I highly recommend using these apps and methods to practice speaking when you are alone.

  • If you do, then when you actually speak English with another person it will be much easier.

  • Check out our website for many great English lessons and free apps.

  • Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook for even more useful

  • English content.

Speaking English is not easy.


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如何單獨練習英語口語-快速學習英語的方法 (How To Practice Speaking English Alone - Learn English Fast)

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