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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Adjective Phrase 15. The adjective phrase

  • today is bona fide. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. Bonafide means

  • genuine or not counterfeit. So it basically means you know real or not

  • fake. Bona fide can also mean truthful or sincere depending upon how it's used.

  • Okay. Let's continue. The origin of this phrase comes directly from Latin meaning

  • good faith or in good faith. Yeah. Sometimes you wondered about this one

  • when you've seen it. Bona fide where'd they get it from. Why ? You know how do they

  • put this together ? But it makes sense. You know, bona is like a good. You know or

  • good origin. Fide would be like faithful or in good faith. So that's really what

  • it comes from. You know words like fidelity in English. So bona fide in good

  • faith. That's the meaning directly from Latin. The old Latin language the old

  • Roman Empire. All right. Let's continue. There is an actual opposite which is ... I

  • think they said is pronounced ma-la- fi-de But again this you don't hear

  • too much this is a more technical term, but it does exist. It's a direct opposite

  • to bona fide. I think it's a mala fide meaning in bad faith or with the

  • intention to deceive or trick. We don't often see this phrase used you know, it's

  • mostly used in regard to legal matters. Okay. So that's why it's probably more of

  • a legal law term. Okay. Let's continue. Oh yeah. So here if we had one, just one

  • example for mala fide thing . It was a mala fidei abuse of power.

  • Okay. So meaning you know, it was in bad faith or they, they , they purposely tried

  • to deceive people or maybe the people of a country. All right. Let's, again let's

  • look at number one. Now we're going to look at the examples of bonafide of

  • course. One way to check if it is a bona fide Rolex watch is to see if the second-

  • handle moves smoothly. Again bona fide here meaning

  • like genuine or not counterfeit. You know, the real thing. I remember seeing this on

  • TV show a long , long time ago because sometimes those copies can look really,

  • really good and they say one of the best ways is to look at the second-handle. You

  • know, the one that counts the seconds. If if it's moving just very smoothly, it

  • might be real. The fake one tends to like have a little jump . Well you know, each

  • second has a small jump in it. Where the real one just moves very smoothly

  • around. They say that's one of the ways to tell

  • that it is a bona fide Rolex. Okay. Let's look on. Number two here. Trust me this is

  • a bona fide offer. If you are willing to accept it. Maybe the person who it was

  • being offered to wasn't sure. Maybe he was suspicious of this offer and that's

  • what the person saying this is a bona fide over this is real. You should

  • consider this. Okay. Number three. We might say wow you actually got a bona fide

  • celebrity to be a guest on your YouTube show or your YouTube channel. You know because you

  • know, some YouTube channels are very small. So if you got a bonafide guest

  • maybe you got a real guest. Somebody who's really famous out there you know, in the

  • media or you know in movies or something like that. Number four. That was a bona

  • fide apology. Again meaning like sincere, truthful apology. That is really meant.

  • They weren't pretending, they weren't faking it. Okay. Let's look at number five.

  • He is making a bonafide attempt to clean up the government. So he's really trying

  • to do it. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear Thank you for your time.

  • Bye bye

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Adjective Phrase 15. The adjective phrase


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英語導師Nick P形容詞短語(15) Bona Fide(真誠) (English Tutor Nick P Adjective Phrase (15) Bona Fide)

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