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  • Keeney whores you're so hot right now

  • But no like this is Keeley Hawes time, it's well. Hey well, I mean, yeah, I don't really know what you know, I know

  • It's a weird thing with none of those things happen. Wait 43. That's a bit weird

  • Yeah, and you've been in this, you know business for 200 years and suddenly you're hot. It's um

  • No, it's an interesting one but Bodyguard took off in a way that I think no one expected

  • It was completely insane and people are always saying to me. What what was it? You know that create

  • What's the recipe for that sort of success? Well, if I knew so good or bad? It's read ibly good

  • I mean I made up way too late

  • Big deal

  • Just to say I haven't I haven't seen it yet, so can you not talk about it?

  • You won't believe what so pleased about it

  • It's being it's all in America now, yes, is that what you do you see it in America? Yes. Yeah. You see a bill

  • No, I haven't. I'm like mad. I'm okay don't want to hear a lot about it. Yeah

  • People are watching America as she's really dead

  • Doesn't doesn't come back

  • Didn't you think she was going to come back alive well, wait a minute

  • That's a complete red herring that doesn't exist what he just said no no no

  • They're gonna get really confused now Sally

  • She's dead

  • If you had this problem but Bernie American viewers have some confusion over Richard Madden's character and his relationship with you

  • Yes, because of his fabulous Scottish accent and whenever he calls me, Mom

  • Because I'm his boss. He said he actually calls me mum

  • That's a big part with no one talking about

  • Someone I do know who did this but someone's done a compilation of him saying mom

  • Mom yes moans. Thanks mom

  • He did say to me, you know

  • We've done a few scenes and lots of dialogue has playing the Home Secretary lots of chats and and occasionally he would reply with

  • Yes moment

  • And he said I think I say mom a bit too much

  • No

  • 73 times in Episode one

  • But no, I love the way he says mom

  • She's dead

Keeney whores you're so hot right now


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A2 初級 英國腔

這條保鏢線有基利霍斯在歇斯底里 - BBC (THIS Bodyguard line had Keeley Hawes in hysterics - BBC)

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