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  • The rumors... still haven't gone away.

  • I've learned more about humiliation in the past few weeks

  • than I hoped I would in a lifetime.

  • You married a wild spirit.

  • Trying to tame him is no use.

  • I've been queen barely ten years.

  • And in that time... I've had three Prime Ministers.

  • Not one has lasted the course.

  • I understand the Prime Minister's resignation and all--

  • It's not just the Prime Minister.

  • And your mother, and your sister, and your country...

  • The whole relentlessness of it all.

  • The fact it never stops, not for a minute.

  • But is it not possible that among all those problems...

  • there are some of us who are there for you no matter what?

  • If only.

The rumors... still haven't gone away.


B1 中級 英國腔

網飛電視劇 王冠第二季 預告片 (The Crown | Season 2 Teaser [HD] | Netflix)

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