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  • What's up guys Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am really pumped up for

  • I don't normally say pumped up that's kinda new. Me and Jack have been talking about this thing since it arrived

  • We have a serious problem here at the office with keeping cold beverages or actually any kind of edible material

  • for very long. We consume it. This thing here is like a solution to all of our problems

  • All the problems in our lives. Keurig has asked me to check out their brand new KOLD. Keurig KOLD

  • A variety of your favorite beverages made in this machine right at home in a little pod

  • And it's licensed! You have Coca-cola products in here. Concept is you have a little pod. We see a picture of it there

  • Stick it in the machine. Hit the button. Boo-ya?

  • Cold beverage? Let's jump inside the box and find out if that's exactly what goes down

  • First thing I see here: A prime and care pod. Do not discard. Required for setup and maintenance. Okay.

  • Coca-cola, Sprite, Red Barn, Waterful

  • Looks like a little tray for the bottom.

  • So this is it. This is the Keurig Kold. Now it has a refrigeration unit built in

  • So this is the reservoir for water. Ohhh! This is glasses

  • Drink maker chills beverages to an ideal temperature of 39 degrees farenheit

  • This whole thing feels pretty robust man. Plug her in and let her go. Alright we're gonna plug her in

  • Plug it in

  • So I think you guys can probably hear that

  • As I've said sort of around the same volume as a mini fridge. So we left it for a little while and we're actually not going to have to do that again

  • That's just the initial setup. And now it's time to prime it

  • There's a little thing here called a Prime and Care Pod. Fill the water reservoir with room temperature or cooler water

  • That's what we have in here right now. It's filled up. Insert the Prime and Care Pod

  • Put it right in here I guess

  • Done. Place a glass here on the drip tray. So we have the included glasses here

  • Alright let's go here. This is exciting

  • K next up make a drink. This is what it's about right now!

  • Ok Seraphine Passion Fruit. Natural Flavor seltzer mix. "Lifts you to a place of breezy effervescence"

  • What a combination of words there. No calories, low calories, zero calories

  • Zero calorie flavored water.The classic Coca-Cola at home. Seems impossible

  • It's happening here! What! Look at his thing!

  • Ohh this looks fancy too. Flynn's soda shop root beer. Mmmmmm

  • What! Diet coke too! Course you do! This is another flavored carbonated water

  • This is one is persian lime. Flyte "Red Rush". Natural fruit punch flavored sports hydration mix

  • It's time to do a taste test. Oh my goodness the pressure is on

  • The pressure is on right now. So I'm gonna get started with one of these. Sarafine Persian Lime pods.

  • Just place this guy in. Close the lid down. Now let's push this button for the magic part

  • You see that carbonation right now. Look at that

  • oooo!

  • Quite refreshing.

  • Gotta be honest quite refreshing! A little bit nicer than a standard water beverage. So I believe these little beads

  • inside are what allow for the carbonation to be added to the flavor

  • Next up I have Zero Calorie flavored water so this is a non carbonated-similar idea but non carbonated

  • Mmm! You came here for the OG of the soda business. You came here for the Coca-Cola Classic

  • Everything hinges on this little guy right here

  • The future is now

  • Don't laugh Jack.

  • Ooouuuuhhhhhh ho ho ho hoooo

  • That looks like Coca Cola

  • That is Coca Cola

  • Gotta bite. Gotta little bite to it.

  • I don't think I've ever been this excited for Coke in my life. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • So there you have it. Keurig Kold

  • Thank you very much for watching. If you've enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below.

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  • and I will catch you on the next episode.

  • Now I will drink my Coke.

  • Slowly

  • and dramatically

What's up guys Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am really pumped up for


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