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  • Nintendo has been doing great in the past year.


  • The Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling console of the current generation.

    Nintendo Switch 是這個世代銷售量成長最快速的遊戲機。

  • And Nintendo sold more games than any other publisher during 2018.

    而且 2018 年任天堂賣出了比其他遊戲公司更多的遊戲。

  • Six of the top-20-selling games in 2018 were actually Nintendo Switch exclusives.

    2018 年度銷量前二十名的遊戲中,Nintendo Switch 系列的遊戲佔了六名。

  • Compared to Sony and Microsoft who were trying to turn PlayStation and Xbox into large entertainment brands, Nintendo is focusing on making games more portable, accessible, and just plain fun with the Switch.

    不同於 Sony 和微軟公司試圖將 PlayStation 和 Xbox 打造為大型的娛樂品牌,任天堂更專注於提高遊戲的可攜帶性、易取得性,並透過Switch單純提供享樂。

  • Nintendo has always had a reputation for making great games, but the Wii U was a major misstep.

    任天堂在製作優質的遊戲上一直享負盛名,但是 Will U 是一個重大的失策。

  • The company has gotten back on its feet and back in the game with the Nintendo Switch.

    任天堂現在已經重新站穩腳步,透過 Nintendo Switch 東山再起。

  • Since March 2018, Nintendo has sold 8.7 million Switch consoles in the US.

    自 2018 年三月開始,任天堂已經在美國賣出了 870 萬台 Switch 遊戲機。

  • And the company expects to sell 35 million worldwide by March 2019.

    他們計畫在 2019 年三月前,在全球賣出 3500 萬台。

  • So why's the Switch selling so well?

    為什麼 Switch 賣得這麼好?

  • Because it actually works.


  • You can hook it up to your TV at home.


  • And when you're ready, you can pick it up and take it to play on the go.


  • One of the biggest benefits the Switch has over the Wii U and the Wii is the larger digital library.

    Switch 勝過 Wii U 和 Wii 最大的優點之一,就是它有很大的遊戲資料庫。

  • There are just so many games you can play on the Switch, your favorite, my favorite.

    Switch 上有太多遊戲可以玩了,不論是你最愛的遊戲,還是我最愛的遊戲都有。

  • Nintendo has built a cast of iconic characters with games like "Super Mario," "The Legend of Zelda," the Pokémon franchise.


  • These characters have followed players across generations to different games, different consoles.


  • And this is no more apparent than in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," which is a megamash of Nintendo characters.


  • You've got Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Zelda, Samus, Luigi, Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Marth, Roy.


  • I mean, come on, that's the whole family right there.


  • This year is gonna bring some more cool Switch games too.

    今年也將有更多有趣的 Switch 遊戲發行。

  • Like "Super Mario Maker 2," "Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening," which is an awesome remake of a Game Boy classic.

    像是「超級瑪利歐創作家 2」、「薩爾達傳說:織夢島」,這些都是 Game Boy 經典遊戲的精彩重製。

  • AndMarvel Ultimate Alliance 3,“ which is a Switch exclusive.

    還有 Switch 獨佔發售的「漫威英雄:終極聯盟 3」。

  • I think that Reggie and the different marketing videos and silly demonstrations that they did really resonated with fans who were just as excited and crazy about the games.

    我想 Reggie 和各種宣傳影片,還有他們做的一些愚蠢的示範影片,都讓對遊戲興奮和瘋狂的粉絲產生共鳴。

  • Seeing an executive at the top just as excited about a new Pokémon game.


  • Not excited to sell you a new Pokémon game but excited about the Pokémon, was just fun, and that was important.


  • As it stands right now, the Switch has very little competition in the portable gaming space.

    在現在的情況下,Switch 在可攜式遊戲機市場中幾乎沒有競爭對手。

  • I think that a lot of their competitors are looking past what the Switch is right now and looking into streaming games and removing the need for a console or hardware entirely.

    我認為很多其他的競爭者都已經不看重 Switch 現在所擁有的市場,而開始著重於串流遊戲,完全捨棄了對遊戲機和硬體設備的需求。

  • But I think the Switch is going to stand out as a unique piece of hardware for a long time.

    但我想 Switch 接下來將長久地在硬體界佔有一席之地。

  • There's still going to be an audience that wants what is essentially the Game Boy, the original handheld system that you can go around and play.

    還是會有人想要玩像 Game Boy 一樣的遊戲,最原始的手持系統可以讓你帶著到處玩。

  • And it certainly won't hurt if you can bring it home and plug it up to your TV.


  • Given the success of the Switch, we'll have to wonder where Nintendo's going next.

    看到了 Switch 的成功,我們不禁開始思考任天堂的下一步是什麼。

  • The company is still supporting software for its other handheld console, the 3DS, and that came out in February 2011.

    任天堂也在持續發行軟體支援其他手持遊戲機,像是 2011 年二月推出的 3DS 主機。

  • So if that's any indication, the Nintendo Switch could be [around] for a very, very long time.

    如果要說這在暗示什麼,那就是 Nintendo Switch 還會流行很長的一段時間。

  • With streaming and other technology getting off the ground, there will still be opportunities for Nintendo to get their games out.


  • On other consoles or platforms if they so choose, but so far the company seems pretty interested in protecting their own games.


  • So long as Nintendo can keep making great games for their iconic characters and delivering innovative hardware to their fans,


  • they're gonna be on top of the video game industry for years to come.


  • And now we have Bowser, president of Nintendo of America.

    現在我們有了新的任天堂北美總裁 Bowser。(註:與任天堂遊戲角色庫巴同名)

  • I don't know nothing about this man.


  • Nobody knows nothing about this man.


  • He's just a guy with the name Bowser: It's hilarious.


Nintendo has been doing great in the past year.



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