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  • The desert oasis of Palm Springs lies at the western edge of the Coachella Valley in California.

    棕櫚泉是沙漠中的綠洲, 位於加州科切拉山谷西側

  • Just under two hours from Los Angeles,

    距離洛杉磯只有 2 小時的車程

  • Hollywood A-listers have flocked here since the 1920s to escape the dizzying pace of showbiz.

    1920 年代開始,這裡就聚集許多好萊塢明星, 離開一下五光十色的演藝圈,到這裡喘喘氣

  • With many golf courses, hotels and spa retreats,

    這裡有很多高爾夫球場、飯店和 Spa 度假村

  • it's no wonder the rich and famous are drawn to this place.

    自然也吸引到那麼多富商和名人 到訪

  • Actors, musicians and politicians continue to be glorified,

    演員、音樂人和政治家 在這裡備受頌揚

  • and their names are embedded into the city's very own walk of stars.

    名字被嵌在這座城市 自己的星光大道上

  • Of course, where there are celebrities, there's bound to be gossip.

    當然,只要有名人, 就少不了八卦

  • The city is rumored to have been the secret rendezvous point for many alleged affairs,

    這座城市據說是 許多緋聞情侶的幽會地點

  • including Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy.


  • Unfortunately, Hollywood's greats often steal the limelight of a story which is less often told,

    好萊塢明星的故事往往讓人忽略了 這裡其他重要的層面:

  • the area's fantastic natural wonder.


  • Few are aware that Palm Springs is a haven for abundant life surrounded by miles

    很少人知道,棕櫚泉是 附近動植物的天堂,

  • of scorching plains and rocky mountain wilderness


  • A place which welcomed Native Americans into its bountiful arms a thousand years ago.

    這裡也在千年以前,以豐富的資源 迎接美洲原住民入駐

  • Start exploring the flora and fauna of Palm Springs,

    想要探索棕櫚泉 的野生動植物

  • at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.


  • Dedicated specifically to species from arid environments,

    這裡專門展示 來自乾旱氣候的物種

  • the zoo is home to hardy creatures from all over the globe.

    全世界最有耐力的物種 都可以在這個動物園裡找到

  • Watch as the Desert Bighorn Sheep effortlessly traverse the rocky mountain slopes.

    欣賞沙漠大角羊自在地穿梭 在岩石磊磊的山壁之間

  • These graceful animals are a favorite here, as they are native to this region.

    這些優雅的動物是大家的最愛, 土生土長於此地

  • Mother Nature is not the only headliner at this zoo.

    大自然不是動物園裡 唯一的焦點

  • Enthusiasts will also be delighted by a miniature model train display.

    火車愛好者還能欣賞這裡展示的 迷你火車模型

  • Palm Springs is not simply a playground for Hollywood stars,

    棕櫚泉不只是 好萊塢明星的度假村

  • but also a city devoted to cultivating change.


  • Visit Sunnylands Centre and Gardens.


  • Here, national and global issues are peacefully discussed

    在這裡, 世界各地的領導者會在館內的

  • by world leaders at the onsite conference center.

    會議中心和平地討論國家和 國際議題

  • And after talking business,


  • VIPs often indulge in a friendly game of golf,


  • or a stroll through the immaculate gardens.


  • Delve deeper into the history of Palm Springs, by visiting Indian Canyons.

    如果想多了解棕櫚泉的歷史, 可以去印第安峽谷逛逛

  • Admire the thriving fan palms,


  • which are prolific throughout the rocky gorges,


  • fed by cool mountain streams.


  • Their fruit once provided rich sustenance for the area's earliest inhabitants,

    它們的果實曾經提供早期居民 豐富的營養來源

  • the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.


  • The clan also wove the leaves into huts, baskets and sandals.

    也會使用葉子蓋成小屋、製作籃子, 以及涼鞋

  • Fan palms provide a habitat for much of the local wildlife too.

    棕櫚樹也是很多當地野生動物的 棲息地

  • Birds, small rodents and insects all live beneath their shady skirts.

    鳥類﹑小型嚙齒動物和昆蟲 都棲息在樹蔭下

  • Make your way to Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium,

    不妨參觀一下莫頓植物園 和仙人掌花園吧

  • which is home to over 3,000 species of prickly,

    這裡有 3 千種以上

  • spiky and furry desert plants.


  • Lucky visitors may even glimpse a feathered critter here too!

    幸運的旅客可能還可以看到 這個毛絨絨的小傢伙!

  • Take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway


  • up into the misty wilderness of Mt San Jacinto Peak.


  • At the top, kick back with a cocktail and take in the view

    在這裡輕鬆坐下來,享受杯雞尾酒 和絕佳風光

  • that John Muir once declared


  • the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth.”

    「這裡有地球上 最壯麗的景緻。」

  • If you're feeling energetic,


  • venture out onto some of the 50 miles of hiking tracks.

    不妨去挑戰一下 50 英里長的步道

  • Remember to bring a coat though.


  • On these trails, you could be greeted with a dusting of snow.

    這些步道上 可能會覆蓋著雪

  • When you've got your feet firmly planted back on the ground,

    當您重新回到 地面時

  • visit the Palm Springs Art Museum.


  • The region is not only home to natural wonders,


  • but it also provides a fertile ground for creative expression.

    還是許多藝術創意作品的 孕育之地

  • Wander the exhibits and discover


  • the creativity that this spring-fed city continues to inspire.

    探索在這座綠洲城市的持續滋養下, 有哪些創意在源源湧現

  • Palm Springs has long been a sanctuary amid a barren desert of rock and dust.

    棕櫚泉向來都是沙漠 一片荒蕪之中的一塊淨土

  • The Agua Caliente Band were the first to be enticed by its plentiful natural resources,

    印地安人的阿瓜卡連特卡部族首先 受到這裡豐富自然資源吸引到此定居

  • then came the stars of Hollywood,


  • and today travelers from all nations congregate to this sun-soaked escape,

    時至今日,各國旅客也紛紛來到 這個陽光充沛的度假勝地

  • chasing its unique story,


  • peaceful seclusion and spellbinding scenery.


The desert oasis of Palm Springs lies at the western edge of the Coachella Valley in California.

棕櫚泉是沙漠中的綠洲, 位於加州科切拉山谷西側


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