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  • Hi, welcome back to Joel and Lia, so today we're out and about and we're gonna give you our top tips for travelling on trains in the UK.

    嗨,歡迎回到 Joel 和 Lia ,今天我們外出是為了要給你們搭火車遊英國的幾個妙招。

  • Trains are really popular method of travel here in the UK so we thought you guys might want to know about it if you visit London or if you're moving here.


  • Yeah, so these are just our top tips for travel and they're so useful so enjoy!


  • And it's not just London it's like the UK everywhere.


  • So tip number one is buying tickets so as soon as you know you're going to travel, I recommend booking in advance so if you know you're going to travel in three weeks, get online and get that date in and find the cheapest tickets.


  • The website that I use is Virgin Trains and you can also use the; however, do be aware that there's a £1.50 booking fee, or £1, so be prepared to pay that.

    我使用的網站是 Virgin Trains ,你們也可以使用 ,但請注意,有 1.50 英鎊或 1 英鎊的預訂費用要支付。

  • And if you don't know you're gonna be travelling in advance you could always just buy tickets at the ticket office at the station either on their machine or in person, but be prepared to pay a little bit more for this.


  • So the next tip is to consider splitting your fare if you're traveling over a long distance; so it might actually work out cheaper if you book two tickets instead of one. So if you're going from Southampton to London it might be cheaper to book a ticket from Southampton to Basingstoke and then Basingstoke to London.


  • Some websites, there are quite a few actually that do this for you so for example Rail Easy is a really good website that'll do it for you and calculate whether or not it'd be cheaper; and don't worry this is completely within the terms of use from these rail companies, you're not breaking any rules.

    其實很多網站都有分段購票的服務,例如 Rail Easy 是一個非常好的網站,它可以計算票價是否變得更便宜,且不用擔心違反鐵路公司的任何規定。

  • Oh, it's so cold!


  • Okay so the next tip is that there is a rail card out there for nearly everyone, for example me and Lia today have used a two-together rail card which means that if you've got someone you travel with a lot, you get reduced price tickets If you travel together.

    好的,緊接著看下個妙招,幾乎每個人都有一張鐵路卡,例如我和 Lia 今天使用了一張兩人鐵路卡,這表示如果你們時常結伴旅行,就可以獲得折扣票價。

  • You have to travel together you can't not be with them or you can't be with someone who looks like them, you know it doesn't work. I've tried it.

    你們必須一起搭乘,不能假裝與別人一起乘車,或和購票者長得很像的人一起搭乘,那沒用的, 我已經試過了。

  • And for instance, when I travel alone I use my under 25 rail card which will probably run out this year!

    例如我獨自旅行時,就可以使用我 25 歲以下專用的鐵路卡,這可能會在今年內失效!

  • Then you'll have to do what I just did and get a network rail card basically, if you want more information go to national rail and they list all the different rail cards on there; so it's definitely worth it if you live here or if you're coming on holiday here for a few months.


  • Yeah so worth it, there's nearly one for everyone.


  • If like me you're coming from outside of London into London you need to go straight down to the underground and sort out your underground travel.


  • Now TfL is completely separate to national rail, so you can use your oyster card or if you've got contactless that's just a simple easy way you just use your bank card tap it on the thing and walk straight through.

    現在 TfL 完全獨立於國家鐵路,所以可以使用「牡蠣卡」,又或者如果你有感應式信用卡,這會是一個簡單的方式,你們只需使用銀行卡刷過就好。

  • And don't forget this isn't just limited to trains or underground you can use your contactless on buses, too.


  • One more tip guys if you're on trains and you're planning to do a little bit of work on your laptop make sure you check that it's okay to plug your laptop in.


  • Because there's some plug sockets on trains that you absolutely cannot use, and the train companies go mental if you plug your laptop or your phone in.


  • Usually it's fine but you will have warning signs like for the cleaners only so just be extra careful when doing that.


  • I once got told off for plugging my hair straighteners in girl's gotta do what girls gotta do!


  • So we hope you've enjoyed this video guys and that it's been informative for you and helpful.


  • Yeah, we use trains all the time and we know that lots of you do when you come to the UK so we thought it might be helpful.


  • And last tip, if you're gonna eat on the train make sure you don't pick anything smelly, we love eating Popchips and dipping them in something nice so highly recommend those!

    最後的小提醒,如果你們要在火車上吃東西,請確保選擇沒有濃厚味道的食物,我們喜歡吃 Popchips ,沾醬吃也是不錯的選擇,所以我們強烈推薦!

  • Anyway we'll see you soon, Bye!


Hi, welcome back to Joel and Lia, so today we're out and about and we're gonna give you our top tips for travelling on trains in the UK.

嗨,歡迎回到 Joel 和 Lia ,今天我們外出是為了要給你們搭火車遊英國的幾個妙招。

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五個妙招讓你搭火車遊遍英格蘭! (5 Tips for Using Trains in England! )

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