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  • This is Olivia, a North American river otter.

    牠是 Olivia,一隻北美水獺。

  • Olivia is only eight months old, but is quite the playful otter pup.

    Olivia 只有八個月大,但是隻挺愛玩的小水獺。

  • River otters are semiaquatic.


  • They live both on land and in water and have adapted for both environments.


  • They have thick, protective fur to help them stay warm while swimming in cold water, and short legs and webbed feet to help them swim quickly.


  • River otters can stay under water for as long as eight minutes, and use their long whiskers to find prey in the often cloudy waters in which they swim.


  • In the late 1980s, North American river otters were extinct throughout many of their natural habitats due to fur trapping and poor water quality.

    在 1980 後期,由於皮毛獵捕和惡劣的水質,許多牠們的天然棲息地上再不復見北美水獺。

  • Through reintroduction programs and the fur trade management, their populations have risen and stabilized.


  • This is the North American river otter.


This is Olivia, a North American river otter.

牠是 Olivia,一隻北美水獺。

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【環境教育】瀕危的北美水獺 (Back from the Brink: The North American River Otter)

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