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  • Jeanie, Will and Adina are three senior citizens

    譯者: Lilian Chiu 審譯者: Bella Chen

  • connected by a special relationship.

    吉妮、威爾,和艾迪娜 是三位年長者,

  • They view their bond as a shield from the loneliness of aging.


  • I first met them at a retirement home in Los Angeles,

    他們將彼此間的連結視為防護盾, 用來對抗老化的孤獨。

  • where I had been photographing for three years.

    我初次見到他們的地方 是洛杉磯的一間養老院,

  • I saw as they approached the gate one night,


  • and felt an immediate connection to them.


  • Although I didn't know the details of their love triangle,

    我馬上就感覺到 我和他們之間有某種聯繫。

  • I intuitively felt that I had to find out who they were.


  • Questioning a nurse a day later, she said to me,

    我的直覺告訴我, 我得查出他們是什麼人。

  • "Oh, you're talking about the threesome."

    那天過後,我問了 一位護士,她告訴我:

  • (Laughter)


  • I was intrigued.


  • (Laughter)


  • The trio set out on a daily adventure to coffee and doughnut shops,


  • bus stops and street corners.

    這三個人開始一日探險, 去了咖啡廳、甜甜圈店、

  • I soon learned that the purpose of these outings was solace


  • and a search for meaning.


  • The trio sought to combat their alienation


  • by literally integrating themselves in public streets.

    這三人將他們自己 融入到公眾的街道中,

  • Yet, even when arm in arm, no one saw them.


  • We often think that as we age, we lose the desires held in our youth.

    但,即使是臂挽著臂, 也沒有人看見他們。

  • Actually, as a teenage photojournalist when I met the trio,

    我們通常會認為,當我們變老, 我們會失去年輕時的慾望。

  • I saw their behavior as a mirror

    其實,身為十幾歲的攝影記者, 當我見到三人組時,

  • to the fears of exclusion and desires for intimacy


  • that I also carried.

    反射出對被排斥的恐懼 及想要親密感的渴望,

  • I related to their invisibility,


  • which pained me during my childhood


  • but has become my greatest asset as an immersive documentarian,


  • because I can just fade into my empathy.

    但這也成為我身為沉浸式 記錄工作者珍貴的資產,

  • As we walked down the streets of Hollywood,

    因為我可以就這樣 消失在我的同理心當中。

  • in a neighborhood of screenwriters, actors and filmmakers,


  • the trio assumed the invisibility that each senior does.

    住這一帶的都是 編劇、演員和製片人,

  • I would ask myself,

    三人組所承受的漠視, 是每位年長者都在承受的。

  • "How is it that no one else sees these three human beings?


  • Why is it that I am the only one who sees them?"

    「為什麼沒有其他人 看見這三個人?

  • Years later, as I began to share this work with the public,


  • I noticed that people are largely uncomfortable with this story.

    多年後,當我開始公開 分享這件作品時,

  • Perhaps it is because the trio doesn't assume conventional notions

    我注意到大部分人對於 這個故事都會感到不舒服。

  • associated with love, romance or partnership.


  • They were unseen in public and shunned by their peers.

    世俗對於愛、浪漫, 或伴侶關係的傳統觀念。

  • They wanted to belong somewhere

    在公眾場合,他們被無視, 在同儕之中,他們被迴避。

  • but only seemed to belong with each other.


  • I wanted to belong somewhere, too.


  • And my camera has been a catalyst for me to belong everywhere.


  • But beyond challenging sociocultural norms about the elderly,

    我的照相機一直是我的催化劑, 讓我能歸屬於每個地方。

  • the trio sheds light on fear of remoteness.

    但在挑戰傳統社會 所定義的老年人背後,

  • At the end of each day, they return to their respective retirement homes.


  • Under the surface of their aloneness,

    在每天的約會結束後, 他們會回到各自的養老院。

  • there is a desire for community, for their people.


  • There was a sense that they were each yearning for their tribe,

    有一種渴望,那是對社區、 對專屬於他們的人的渴望;

  • but that comfort comes with compromise,

    也有一種感覺,彷彿他們 都嚮往屬於自己的部落,

  • because Will cannot commit to one woman.


  • Sitting with Jeanie one day in her apartment, she said to me,

    因為威爾無法只對 一個女人做出承諾。

  • "Sharing Will is a thorn in your side.

    有一天,我和吉妮 坐在她的公寓裡,她對我說:

  • A relationship between a man and a woman is private.


  • It is a couple, not a trio."

    一個男人和一個女人 之間的關係是私事。

  • My process is to essentially become the people I document


  • by spending years with them as an observer-occupant,

    我的工作,是要在本質上 成為我所記錄的人,

  • to create a safe space, to then become hidden in plain sight.

    我要以觀察者—居住者的身分, 花數年的時間和他們相處,

  • I was about 17 when I met the trio,

    來創造出安全的空間, 然後從顯眼的地方隱身消失。

  • and I shadowed them for four years.


  • We actually see, in the breakdown of social development,


  • that adolescence and old age look strikingly alike,

    在分析社會發展時, 我們其實可以發現,

  • because both are periods of identity confusion.


  • I identified with the women.

    因為兩者都處於 對身分感到困惑的時期。

  • But also with Will, who made me aware of the divide in me.


  • The schism that we each often have

    但也認同威爾,他讓我 意識到我內在的分歧。

  • about what we crave and the actuality of our situation.


  • Before shooting this series,

    在我們的渴望和我們的 實際情況之間有著分裂。

  • I was also in love with two different people who knew about each other,


  • being the object over which they fought.

    我也愛上了兩個不同的人, 他們兩個認識彼此,

  • But I also knew what it was like to be at the base of the triangle,


  • like Jeanie or Adina,

    但我也知道在三角形的 底部是什麼樣子,

  • asking myself,


  • "Why aren't I enough?"


  • I would look through my viewfinder and see three elderly figures,


  • and it became impossible to deny that regardless of age,

    透過我的取景器, 我看見三個年邁的身影,

  • we were each in pursuit of filling the proverbial hole through other people.


  • Perhaps the discomfort of looking at Jeanie, Will and Adina's story

    我們每個人都在追求透過其他人 來填滿俗話所說「洞」。

  • is truly a reminder that even at the end of life,

    也許,看著吉妮、威爾, 和艾迪娜的故事所產生的不舒服,

  • we may never reach the fantasy we have envisioned for ourselves.

    正是在提醒我們, 即使人生走到最後,

  • Thank you for listening.

    我們可能也永遠無法達到 我們為自己所想像的夢幻。

  • (Applause)


Jeanie, Will and Adina are three senior citizens

譯者: Lilian Chiu 審譯者: Bella Chen


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