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  • Hey, there! Welcome to Life Noggin.

    嘿,大家好,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

  • Oh, a pizza bagel! Sweet!


  • This video was made possible thanks to WiX.

    這部影片是由 WiX 贊助。

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  • Your world is pretty awesome—I had a great time when I was there. I saw a bunch of cool places and even helped my friend Phil fall in love!

    你的世界很精彩!我在那裡度過了一段美好的時光,我看到很多很酷的地方,甚至幫了我朋友 Phil 脫單!

  • But now a lot of you have asked if you could come and visit me in my world.


  • Maybe help fight one of those big scary monsters we found or just hang out with me and Triangle Bob on the couch.

    也許能幫助我們對抗我們發現的那些可怕怪物,或者只是和我以及 Triangle Bob 一起在沙發上玩。

  • Or maybe instead of visiting us, you just wanna upload your mind to the Internet in an attempt to live forever. And that's fine, too.


  • That's a good reason.


  • So, could something like that ever happen?


  • Is it possible for you to transfer your consciousness to the Internet?


  • Well, for right now, no.


  • That's because even if it was only a matter of scanning your mind and emulating it on a computer, your tech just isn't there yet to be able to feasibly download and handle all of that information in a timely manner.


  • There is A LOT up there.


  • For the future though, we don't know for certain yet if it could happen.


  • And even if it could, it would likely be some sort of moral issue on if the emulated brain was really you.

    即使可能,這很可能會有某種道德問題, 我們無法確定被模仿的大腦真的是「你本人」。

  • But we can look at what scientists think and what some companies are trying to do.


  • Like the company Nectome. Since the tech isn't really there yet to fully scan your mind,

    就像 Nectome 公司,因為科技還不能真正徹底掃描你的頭腦,

  • their mission is to try and preserve your brain well enough so that it keeps all of your memories intact.


  • Then, after they figure out how to successfully store it all in some sort of brain bank,


  • they think that you'd be able to digitize your preserved brain and use it to recreate your mind by the turn of the century.


  • Basically, you preserve your mind now,


  • and then use it to digitally recreate your consciousness later when your tech hopefully catches up to your big ideas.


  • It's ambitious for sure!


  • And Nectome has already been able to make a few steps in the right direction.

    而 Nectome 已經能夠朝著正確的方向邁出了幾步。

  • They were able to preserve a pig's brain well enough that all of the neural links inside the brain were intact and could be seen with an electron microscope.


  • This is after Nectome did something similar with the brain of a rabbit.

    這是在繼 Nectome 用兔子的大腦做了類似的事情之後。

  • Surely this is different than doing the same with a human brain, but it's definitely a start.


  • And even if they did manage to store your brain, and we go out on a limb and assume all of your memories came along with it,


  • there's still the whole thing about actually transferring your mind to the digital world.


  • Scientists and researchers really seem to be divided on whether or not this whole thing is really possible.


  • Some people believe the brain is just simply not computable, while others, like Ken Hayworth, a neuroscientist and president of the Brain Preservation Foundationthat's a thing

    有些人認為大腦根本不能計算,而其他人,例如神經科學家和腦保護基金會(是的,這是真的基金會)主席Ken Hayworth,

  • envision a future where you can upload you mind to the digital space.


  • But no matter who's right, what seems a lot more likely than transferring your consciousness to the Internet, is finding a way to connect your mind to a computer.


  • There's already been some work done along this path!


  • Just last year, a team of engineers from Wits university were able to use an EEG device, which detects electrical signals in the brain,


  • to transmit neurological activity to a credit card sized computer called a Raspberry Pi.

    將神經活動傳遞到稱為 Raspberry Pi 的信用卡大小電腦上。

  • Then they live-streamed the data and put it up on an open website that the public could check out for themselves.


  • So, in the end, we don't know for sure, but maybe one day you'll be able to upload that mind of yours to the Life Noggin Cloud.

    然而最後,結果我們並不確定,但也許有一天你可以把你的想法上傳到 Life Noggin 雲端。

  • Until then, we'll keep a hot plate of pizza bagels waiting for you.


  • Mmm... you can just taste the not-realness!


  • Question for you: If you can live in my world forever, and we're hanging out, where's the first place we're going?


  • Let me know in the comment section below, or tell us: What should we talk about next!?


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  • It's perfect for anythingfrom the new professional to my secret blog about my love of pizza bagels.

    非常適合任何事物,從新的專業 到關於我對比薩貝果熱愛的秘密部落格,

  • Try to find it.


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  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin. Don't forget to keep on thinking!

    我是 Blocko,這是 Life Noggin 頻道,別忘記要持續思考喔!

Hey, there! Welcome to Life Noggin.

嘿,大家好,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

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