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  • Hello guys today. We're going to take a look at a couple of players, and they're terribly inaccurate official heights from the NBA

  • now I am aware [that] certain players want their heights to be listed [with] shoes on and some others without shoes on and

  • You can probably find their actual measurements from their draft combine

  • But there are still times when some players heights just seem so wrong and it cannot be explained

  • First off, let's take a look at Russell Westbrook

  • He is listed at 6 for 3 inches and in his pre draft measurements in 2008

  • He was [6] foot two and a quarter without shoes on

  • And now let's take a look at Damian lillard

  • Who is also listed at 6-3 but was measured at 6 foot [1] and [3] quarters only half an inch shorter [than] Westbrook?

  • So they should basically be close to the same height, right?

  • But look at this photo here of Westbrook and lillard at the 2015 all-star game

  • Does it look like Westbrook is only half an inch taller than lillard?

  • He looks like he's at least 2 inches taller than him now. Here's a photo of westbrook standing next to 6 5 James Harden

  • They look like they're pretty much the same [height] although Hardens mohawk makes him seem a little bit taller

  • My conclusion is that perhaps Westbrook grew a couple of inches since he got drafted

  • I

  • Mean he was only

  • 19 years old back [then] and we have seen some other players grow taller since they first came into the league so it is possible

  • right [now] I think Westbrook is closer to 6 foot 5 with shoes on as opposed to 6 3

  • And next we have Kevin love

  • [love] was officially listed at 610 and he's been listed at that height ever since he came into the league

  • But when he watched love plate, it's pretty clear [that]. He's a bit undersized for his position

  • Throughout the Years his height has actually been very inconsistent

  • [depending] on who you compare him to in this photo love the standing next to 6 foot 8 Derrick Williams

  • When they were both playing for Minnesota, but they looked like they're around the same height

  • Williams even looks like he's watching a bit and

  • Then in this photo, [Lebron] [James] who's listed at 6/8 [seem] to be just as tall as love

  • So what's going on here?

  • according to Pre-draft measurement

  • Love is actually six seven and three-quarters the [size] of the average small forward in the NBA

  • Usually players add an extra inch to their real height, but love added over two inches to his official height to boost himself to [610]

  • Well, we shouldn't really blame them though. [I] mean, it's not like he's insecure about his height or anything

  • It's pretty common among big men to claim that they're taller than what they are since it makes them look better on paper

  • Coming out of college if love said he was a 6/8 power forward and said that might scare away some teams from drafting him

  • number three Justice Winslow

  • Winslow is currently listed as being six foot seven

  • However, just by watching him walk onto the stage during draft night. You could clearly tell that he is not six foot seven

  • For comparison Adam silver is six three and winter is hardly taller than him

  • Maybe he'd be six seven if his hair was included his pre-draft measurements are also really weird and probably inaccurate

  • Apparently without shoes he was six six in

  • 2014 but then he shrunk to six for a year later at the draft combine

  • I don't know. I mean that is kind of weird and his height [is] just all over the place

  • During winslow's rookie season when he played alongside dwayne wade they looked relatively the same [size]

  • Even though weight is listed at [6-4]

  • We typically see power forwards or centers exaggerate their high since [it] makes them look better

  • but rarely do we ever see a wing player like winslow do that so it's kind of surprising [and]

  • finally the most egregious listed height in

  • probably NBA history belongs to Kevin Durant's

  • Durant's official height is [six] foot [nine]. Which is ridiculous because he's clearly way taller than that

  • Through the years every time he stood next to a guy who should be taller than him like a center

  • He ends up being taller than them

  • So it's no secret. That durant is definitely taller than 69 and nobody even has to look that up online to know that

  • here's Durant on 2007 draft night standing next to [7] foot tall Greg oden

  • Yeah, and here's him last year standing next to 7 foot tall Stephen Adam

  • after years of reporters and fans questioning his real height

  • Durant finally came clean a few months ago in an interview with Bob fitzgerald from KNBr sports radio

  • During admitted that he was indeed seven foot tall with shoes on so this mystery is finally solved

  • His reasoning for saying he was 6 9 for this long

  • Was that he thought it was cool [to] call himself a six month small forward and if he was any taller

  • people would consider him a power forward which he did not like and

  • That's all guys thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video stay tuned [for] more in the future

Hello guys today. We're going to take a look at a couple of players, and they're terribly inaccurate official heights from the NBA


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4個令人啼笑皆非的NBA球員官職高度 (4 RIDICULOUS NBA Players' Official Heights)

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