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  • Hi my name is Zara. My Dad is from England and my Mom's from Iraq and I was

    嗨我叫 Zara,我的爸爸是英國人、媽媽來自伊拉克,而我是

  • born in England. When I was about 7 years old, my Mum was like, "Hey maybe we should


  • go to Iraq, I've not seen my family in so long. So, maybe we should pay them a visit.


  • And maybe we could stay there for a while." My Dad was like, " no are you out of your your mind?"


  • "Like that's where the war is going on." My Mom was like, "Yeah, well that's where I


  • was born that's where I was raised." So my Dad finally agrees and me, my Mom, my Dad


  • and my sisters and brothers went there. Everything was fine until I was


  • about nine years old. I remember it was about 4 a.m. and then I was woken up to the sound of screams and crying.


  • And I was like "what what's going on? This isn't right. "


  • So I decided to look out my window and I see fire.


  • I see a building on fire. I rushed to my Mom's room and I grabbed


  • her by the hand I rushed back to my room and I show her the fire. She screamed and


  • she woke everyone up and she was having a panic attack.


  • Soon enough we realized that our city has been attacked.


  • About a few weeks later, we were running low and supplies because we'd been in


  • the house the whole time trying to avoid the war. And then my Dad was like, "okay we


  • are low on food we can't live like this we are gonna die in here if we don't get anymore."


  • My dad and my sister go out and they go and get food. It was about four days since they'd went out to get some food.


  • And my Mum and I and my brothers


  • started panicking. Drew was just like "something has happened they are not okay!"

    非常擔憂害怕,Drew 說:「他們一定遇上了什麼麻煩!」

  • I just lost all my hope and I was like, "well there's nothing to do now let's


  • just pray to God and see what happens."


  • But then a miracle happened. My Dad came back from the house and without my sister.


  • He was just crying and he was really injured...


  • ...without my sister... I've realized why God has taken it up


  • and I realized that she'll be by my side no matter what.


  • Soon after that we move back to England and now I'm 13 years old and I live a happy life.

    不久後我搬回英國,現在我 13 歲了,我過著快樂的生活

  • Life is good and just know if you're


  • going through warring thing it will get better...


Hi my name is Zara. My Dad is from England and my Mom's from Iraq and I was

嗨我叫 Zara,我的爸爸是英國人、媽媽來自伊拉克,而我是

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A1 初級 中文 英國腔 姐姐 爸爸 媽媽 伊拉克 尖叫 房子

我活過了戰爭,卻永遠失去了姐姐 (I Survived The War But We Lost My Sister)

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