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  • So we're not going to...

  • TT going exploring without you...

  • On the lookout for a pharmacy!

  • Lemsip for throat?

  • Would you like the receipt?

  • Yes please

  • Thank you

  • Walking back to our house

  • Our airbnb home

  • I'm doing a different detour because I want to see this view!

  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Noooooo there's a dot!!!!

  • I feel like a house wife right now LOL

  • Don't mess with me!

  • So I'm just going to chill in our airbnb home

  • No appetite but she's eating Doritos...

  • I'm lining my stomach in case I throw up again

  • She's thrown up twice...

  • She's just been sleeping

  • Hopefully you'll be recovered by tomorrow

  • But we don't know...

  • We'll see...sigh

  • Poor birthday girl...

  • Making sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch

  • Sandwiches packed and done!

So we're not going to...


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B1 中級 英國腔

旅行日誌--冰島的冬天(ep.3/6) (Travel Vlog - Winter in Iceland (ep.3/6))

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