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  • Stick stance, Nicholas

    Nicholas 扶穩一點

  • OK, sorry


  • Going off his numbers from last year,


  • you could make the case he's become one of the best shooters in the Realm


  • [Scoff]

    Steph 投籃再多也不為過阿

  • You can never have too much shooting, Steph

    Klay 你有甚麼想法嗎

  • Klay, your thoughts?


  • Huh? Um

    Yeah. ㄜ

  • Yeah. Um.


  • Yeah, I think it's unsafe. A bit shaky

    我覺得Nick Young對我們有用

  • I think Swaggy P could be an asset


  • Lord Commander! Lord Commander!

    Patrick 發生什麼事了

  • Yes, Patrick?

    一隻烏鴉 喔不是 WOJ 不好像是 Shams bomb

  • A ravenjust came in...Wojer, Shams...Bomb

    黃蜂隊已經交易來 Dwight Howard

  • House Hornets has traded for...Dwight Howard

    對它們來說不錯 我們不需要擔心

  • Hm, good for them. Nothing to concern ourselves with

    謝謝Patrick 告訴我們點大消息吧

  • Thank you, Patrick. Let us know if you hear of anything else


  • Aye, Lord Commander

    Nick Young 是很強沒錯 但多數時間他打的像個傻子

  • Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool

    大家也說JaVale像傻子 但他打的很不錯啊

  • Swaggy has his moments, but all too often plays the fool They said the same of JaVale, but I'd say he's worked out quite nicely


  • They said the same of JaVale, but I'd say he's worked out quite nicely


  • Aye

    Patrick 怎麼了嗎?

  • I just...I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until...

    又來一隻烏鴉 他是從對岸來的

  • I just...I worry how many of these jester types can we absorb until... Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander!


  • Lord Commander! L-Lord Commander!

    Furkan...Furkan Korkmaz

  • Yes, Patrick?

    Oh, ㄜ, Patrick...

  • Another raven. He's crossed the Narrow Sea!


  • Who?

    Oh,ㄜ Patrick 只要給我們球星轉隊等的大消息就好了懂嗎?

  • Furkan...Furkan Korkmaz

    好的. 球星. 懂了!

  • Furkan...Furkan Korkmaz Oh, ugh, Patrick...

    我覺得Nick Young可以給我們很多的幫助

  • Oh, ugh, Patrick...


  • Oh, ugh, Patrick... They-they say he might make the Sixers active roster.

    Walton 說他的防守也不錯

  • They-they say he might make the Sixers' active roster.

    我是蠻喜歡他的 但我有點擔心

  • Oh, ugh. OK, Patrick. Um. Maybe just notify us if any...big names change Houses. Understood?

    長官!長官! 又一隻烏鴉

  • Right, right. Big names. Got it.

    抱歉打斷你們 這是個名人堂等級的球員

  • I, for one, think Nick's presence will help


  • He's one of the best catch-and-shoot guys out there

    Vince Carter

  • Aye, and Lord Walton speaks well of his defense


  • I mean, I like the lad, it's just I'm concerned

    Patrick 可是我們也不用害怕國王隊

  • I mean, I like the lad, it's just I'm concerned Lord Commander! Another raven!

    拜託點, Patrick

  • Sorry to interrupt, but-but it's a big name. Hall of Famer!


  • OK

    他已經40歲了, Patrick!

  • Vince Carter

    我不知道阿 我只是有種不祥的預感

  • He's joining...House Kings!


  • We're not worried about House Kings, Patrick

    比如說西區哪支隊伍得到誰 會對我們產生威脅

  • Come on, Patrick


  • But...but you said big names and he's—


  • He's bloody 40 years old, Patrick!


  • I, I don't know. I, I just...get a bad feeling about him


  • Here, how about this: Only inform us of anything that actually matters to a house of our stature

    如果你覺得他適合我們 那他最好知道自己的定位

  • So say, one of the Great Houses of the West makes a move that directly affects us

    或許你是對的 他和過去不一樣了

  • That sort of thing


  • Right. Something that hurts our chances?

    好吧 那就這樣決定了

  • Right

    明天大師們會幫他體檢 如果通過了 就會簽下合約

  • Got it

    喔 他又來了

  • If you think it's a good fit. That he'll know his role


  • You may be right. This is not the Swaggy P of yore


  • He's known as Uncle Swaggy now


  • Alright, so it is agreed


  • He'll be examined by the maesters on the morrow, and if they deem him fit, then a contract shall be

    Yes! Chris Paul 已經被交易到火箭隊了

  • Ugh, he's coming. He's coming up. He's coming back up

    但等等 還有

  • Lord, Lord Commander!

    Jimmy Butler 加入灰狼了 要和Towns 並肩作戰

  • Ah here he comes


  • Lord Commander! I've got major news! Multiple ravens!

    Paul George 和 Carmelo Anthony 都加入雷霆要和Westbrook聯手了

  • This better be good

    三隻新的強隊 都在西區!

  • Yes! Ser Chris Paul has been traded to House Rockets

    又來了, Patrick?

  • But wait, there's more!


  • Jimmy Butler is joining Karl-Anthony and the Maple Knight in Minnesota!


  • And there's more, it's worse

    天阿 Steph 你的椅子 你還好嗎

  • Paul George and Carmelo Anthony will be joining The Brodie on House Thunder

    喔沒什麼 我只是扭到腳而已

  • That's three new Super Houses. All in the West

    Klay? Klay 在哪裡?

  • Again, Patrick? Please

    Kl-Klay! 從那裡下來!

  • Only bring us news that actually affects our chances

    給我從鷹架下來 你瘋了嗎?

  • [Chair breaking]


  • My God! Steph, your chair! Are you OK?

    扶穩! [鷹架倒塌]

  • Yeah, just uh, tweaked my ankle. No big deal


  • Klay? Where's Klay?

    我很好 除了我的拇指

  • Kl-Klay! Get down from there!

    天啊 我來幫你 Klay

  • Get off the scaffolding! Are you, are you mad?


  • I'm just trying to see my portrait

    [瓦礫掉落] -阿!

  • Stick stance! [Scaffolding falling]

    [瓦礫掉落] -阿! -Kevin?

  • Klay?


  • I'm good I'm good just my thumb


  • Oh God! Let me help you, Klay


  • [Debris falling]    

    [烏鴉叫] 阿!

  • [Debris falling] -Ah!  

    Oh, Draymond! 你怎麼了?

  • [Debris falling] -Ah! -Kevin?


  • Just tweaked my ribs a bit


  • Not to worry

    還啄了我一下 我得休息一下了

  • [Raven caw]  

  • [Raven caw] Ah!

  • Oh, Draymond! What's wrong with you now?

  • I don't know. I was

  • just sending a raven of my...uh...pelvic area

  • and the raven, uh...just bit me in, right in the uh...right on the tip of the uh...pelvic area

Stick stance, Nicholas

Nicholas 扶穩一點


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