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  • This is Ash. Lethal and illusive.


  • Quickly moving into and out of combat, he can be an unseen and deadly force.


  • Ash is a reflection of ancient history, and his abilities an homage to the past.

    拥有快速加入和撤出战局的能力 他是股看不到却致命的力量

  • Seeking out targets, Shuriken launches a spinning blade of death.


  • Smokescreen allows Ash to instantly vanish, while stunning and blinding enemies with a cloud of smoke.


  • Teleport brings Ash directly in front of his target, allowing him to engage in melee close combat.

    寻找目标 使用“手里剑”发射出旋转的死亡刀片

  • Keep moving, Tenno. Blade Storm teleports Ash between a number of nearby enemies

    “烟幕”可以让Ash瞬间消失 同时用烟雾将敌人击晕和致盲

  • delivering lethal strikes along the way.

    “瞬移”将Ash直接带到目标面前 让他进行近战攻击

  • Utilizing mods to compliment Ash's abilities will help him be neither seen, nor heard, on the battlefield.

    继续前进吧,Tenno “剑圣风暴”将Ash瞬移到周围的敌人身旁 在过程中对敌人给予致命打击

  • Equipping a strength mod will most benefit Shuriken and Blade Storm.


  • Paired with an increased ranged mod, all of Ash's abilities will become more effective.


  • Adding increased speed, stamina, and radar mods will give Ash a distinct advantage over his enemies.

    装备增强强度的mod可以让“手里剑” 和“剑圣风暴”的作用发挥到极致

  • Ash can remain unseen, but his effects on the battlefield are felt by all.

    配上一个增加范围的mod, Ash的所有能力都会变得更有效

  • Keep an eye out, Tenno.

    添加提升速度、耐力和雷达的mod 会让Ash在敌人面前有明显的优势

This is Ash. Lethal and illusive.



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