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字幕列表 影片播放

  • Hi there! This is Mark from with another high band IELTS

  • example answer. This IELTS example question is about music. Nowadays there's

  • a lot of pirated music on the Internet, do you agree that we should support

  • official music? I think we should, definitely. Even though we've been

  • blessed with the platform of the Internet, as in, we're able to download

  • music, films, and books free if we really want them, we should still respect that.

  • There are real professionals and real people on the other end of theft. When

  • you download something illegally, you're taking someone else's time and effort

  • away for free. I don't think that all artists deserve the incredible amounts

  • of money that they may have received 20 or 30 years ago, but I still don't think

  • that it means that we should just rob them and we should steal all of their

  • hard work and their creative talents. So I think people should be responsible

  • when they buy music, download films, or buy ebooks - they should respect that an

  • artist took time to create it and it's definitely not easy - not an easy

  • thing to make. So I think people should support official music that they enjoy

  • and they really love. Check out for more IELTS courses

  • lessons and tips!

Hi there! This is Mark from with another high band IELTS


影片操作 你可以在這邊進行「影片」的調整,以及「字幕」的顯示

A2 初級 英國腔

雅思口語答案--第19集--盜版音樂。 (IELTS Speaking Answers - Episode 19 - Pirated Music)

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