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  • You're on the trail, going downhill, and you're just like:


  • Wow, look at that tree! Wow, look at that bird! Wow, look at that animal!”


  • Every time you come, it's different. You never get bored about nature.


  • Woah!

    *大叫* 噢!

  • My name is José Pablo Jelkmann Mendía, and I am an outdoor adventure guide.

    我的名字是 José Pablo Jelkmann Mendía,我是個戶外探險導覽

  • El Sur is a natural reserve in the south part of Volcán de Agua.

    El Sur 是位在 Agua 火山南部的自然保護區

  • It's a beautiful volcano that opens to the pacific coast.


  • Overall the park is 2,500 acres, and there's a little more than 25 miles of trails.

    整個園區有 2,500 英畝,並且有超過 25 英哩的林間小徑

  • The group that started El Sur wanted to conserve the land, but they needed a way to make it sustainable.

    開始規劃 El Sur 的團隊目的是在保護這片土地,但他們需要一個辦法來做到永續發展

  • And that's when the idea of having recreation activities came into the plan.


  • My favorite activity to do here is mountain biking.


  • It's a pristine rainforest with huge, old growth trees.


  • The animals in the park are protected,


  • and that's what makes them feel free and comfortable being around people.


  • You can see the culture difference between a protected area and one that is not.


  • Outside the property the land is being used for agriculture.


  • So what that means is that there is going to be a lot of deforestation.


  • Having places in the country where you can go and actually enjoy and preserve natureit's beautiful.

    在這個國家裡有個地方是你可以真正享受且保護自然的地方 — 這是很美好的

  • I feel grateful that these places actually exist.


You're on the trail, going downhill, and you're just like:


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騎自行車保護瓜地馬拉的雨林 (Biking to Protect Guatemala’s Rainforest)

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