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  • hello this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock

  • Reviews now I'm really excited about

  • this new Colt product it is the Colt

  • Gold Cup Trophy. This pistol is fantastic

  • it has all the features that

  • competitors want in one pistol and now

  • you can get it directly from the Colt

  • factory this pistol has so many exciting

  • features it's hard for me to list them

  • all, but I going to try. The first feature

  • I need to mention on the new Gold Cup

  • Trophy is that is has to series 7

  • ignition system

  • white target trigger, it features a

  • National Match stainless steel barrel

  • and fully adjustable Bomar style rear sights

  • the integrated magwell and 25 lines per

  • inch checkering. The Gold Cup Trophy

  • something both 9-millimeter and 45 acp

  • all these features i just mentioned came

  • to life when I fired the pistol that's a

  • USPSA shooter I like to shoot fast. I love to

  • shoot steel and I just took this pistol

  • and shot and couldn't stop shooting. this

  • pistol was not only accurate but super

  • reliable you will love to shoot this

  • pistol having all this feature used to

  • be custom you can get them directly from

  • the Colt factory.

hello this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock


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B1 中級 美國腔

對於2017年柯爾特金盃獎盃的新。 (The new for 2017 Colt Gold Cup Trophy.)

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