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  • When I was born, the median price for a house was $108,900.

    我出生的時候,房地產中階價落在 108900 元美金,

  • Now, it's $337,200.

    現在則要價 337200 美元。

  • Even if you account for inflation, that's about a 45% increase in cost.

    即使把通貨膨脹納入考量,房產花費還是增加了 45% 。

  • But buying a house is something I would like to do.


  • So I'm trying to figure out if I can.


  • The odds are pretty stacked against me.


  • I'm a millennial, and I graduated college in 2010, right in the middle of the recession.

    我屬於千禧世代, 2010 年大學畢業,當時正值經濟衰退期。

  • When I entered the workforce, the job market was rough.


  • Like many of my peers, I have student loan debt.


  • And on top of that, there aren't very many starter or mid-price homes on the market.


  • (Why it's hard for millennials to buy houses)


  • My personal financial situation has to do with choices I made.


  • I changed careers at 27, I took out loans to go back to grad school, and I didn't manage to save any money before that.

    27 歲時我改變了我的職涯方向,我申請貸款以回去念研究所,且在那之前我根本沒辦法存任何錢。

  • But that's not abnormal for someone my age.


  • According to a LinkedIn study, it's common for millennials to change jobs about three times in the first five years after college.

    LinkedIn 的調查顯示,對千禧世代來說,更換工作跑道是很普遍的,大學畢業後的五年內,我們平均會換三次工作。

  • And in the eight years I've been out of college, I've lived in New York City the whole time.


  • Median cost of a home here? $770,000.

    這裡的房地產中階價位是多少呢?77 萬美金。

  • I certainly can't afford that.


  • When I look at my income, cost of living and student loan debt, the idea of buying something as expensive as a house seems nearly impossible.


  • My dream home would look something like this.


  • Or this.


  • But even if my boyfriend and I took our combined income of $100,000 a year, that apartment is a pipe dream.


  • I went to Business Insider's own financial planner, Lauren Lyons Cole.

    我找上 Business Insider 的財務規劃師 Lauren Lyons Cole,

  • I figured if anyone could help me, it would be her.


  • When you're just starting out, you can calculate a general price range by taking your annual income and multiplying it by three.


  • With a combined income of about $100,000 a year, that means a home that costs around $300,000 would be a good starting point.

    若妳和男友的薪水加總起來一年有十萬美金,那就表示一幢約 30 萬美金的房子,會是個很好的起始點。

  • That's not as bad as I was expecting, but I have no idea what I can get for that price.

    沒有我想像中的糟糕,但我不知道 30 萬美金可以買到什麼好房子。

  • With a budget like that in New York City, you probably aren't gonna find that many options.


  • So you might have to make sacrifices, which could even mean relocating to another city.


  • But then you have to figure out what kind of job options are there, and how much could you get paid to do the work you want to do.


  • You have to think about which amenities you really want and which ones you can do without.


  • I've always wanted some kind of outdoor space, like maybe a balcony.


  • A two-bedroom would be nice...


  • big windows...


  • maybe a turret.


  • What?


  • I'm a millennial.


  • I'm idealistic.


  • Once you have an idea of what you can afford and what you're willing to give up,


  • you can take the next step and start looking at listings that are available in your price range.


  • With the budget Lauren and I came up with, I browsed options in a few cities I could see myself living in.

    以我和 Lauren 一起訂下的預算,我開始瀏覽在一些我會喜歡的城市裡的房產選項,

  • I wasn't amazed with anything I came across, but there were some that were nice.


  • Not so much in New York, especially when I compare it to the apartment I live in now, which is below market rent.

    可是並沒有紐約的那麼好,尤其當我拿現在住的公寓比較,它比市面上的租金還低 。

  • I also checked out Grand Rapids, Michigan because it was number one on Business Insider's list of best housing markets for millennials.

    我也看過了密西根州的大急流城,因為它是 Business Insider「千禧世代最佳房產市場」榜上的冠軍。

  • There I did find some amazing places within my budget, but I can't see myself picking up and moving there right now.


  • For me, owning a place isn't worth living somewhere where I don't know anyone and I don't have a job lined up.


  • So I think for now I'm gonna keep renting and try to save up for a down payment.


  • Maybe in a few years the price of avocado toast will go down, and I'll be able to afford that dream castle.


  • Maybe a balcony...


  • a two-bedroom would be nice...


  • big windows...


  • maybe a turret.


When I was born, the median price for a house was $108,900.

我出生的時候,房地產中階價落在 108900 元美金,

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