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  • How we arranged and organized our rooms can say a lot about us.


  • For many of us, our bedrooms are the most personal and intimate spaces in our home.


  • Colors and smells can give away your sensory interests and small decorations can hint at your taste and personal style.


  • For example, a messy room can mean that you're disorganized while a very neat and clean room can suggest that you're uptight.


  • In Malcolm Gladwell's acclaimed book "Blink", he references Samuel Gosling, a personality and social psychologist,

    在 Malcolm Gladwell 著名的書籍《眨眼》中,他參考了 Samuel Gosling,一位人格與社會心理學家,

  • who studies how people's behavior, appearance and physical environment affects how they're perceived.


  • Gosling names three variables in a bedroom that gives out clues to a person's personality, identity claims, behavioral residue, and thoughts and feelings regulators.

    Gosling 列舉了 3 個臥房內的種類,這可以顯示出個人特質、身份宣示、行為痕跡以及思想調情感節的因子。

  • An Identity Claim is a deliberate expression about how you want to be perceived by others.


  • For example, putting your favorite books on a shelf serves as an identity claim.


  • Because the people who enter your room can instantly get a good perspective of the things you're interested in.


  • Behavioral residue on the contrary is the unintentional results of your behavior.


  • If you leave your shoes scattered around the floor. It's probably because you're lazy you didn't intentionally leave them there to give the impression that you're unorganized.


  • Thoughts and feelings regulators are objects that affect the way you feel in your room.


  • Candles that you put on top of your desk to give your room a calm feeling is an example of a thoughts and feelings regulator.


  • So, if a stranger enters your room and takes a look around, they'll be able to gather certain aspects about your personality just by observation.


  • Gosling proved this in an experiment involving eighty college students using a highly respected questionnaire called the big five inventory which measures people across five dimensions.

    Gosling 在一個有 80 名學生參與的研究中證明了這件事,這個研究使用了倍受敬重的五大性格特質問卷,在這問卷中以五個面向來衡量人格特質。

  • One: Extraversion, are you sociable and fun-loving or retiring and reserved?


  • Two: Agreeableness, are you trusting and helpful or suspicious and uncooperative?


  • Three: Conscientiousness, are you organized and self disciplined or disorganized and weak weld?


  • Four: Emotional stability, are you worried and insecure or calm and secure?


  • Five: Openness to new experiences, are you imaginative and independent or down-to-earth and conforming?


  • He first had close friends of those eighty college students fill out the questionnaire,

    首先他讓那 80 位大學生的好朋友填寫問卷,

  • then he had another group of total strangers who had never met the eighty college students go into their dorm rooms,

    然後他讓另一群從沒見過這 80 位大學生的陌生人進入他們的宿舍房間,

  • and along with the clipboard and 15 minutes to look around told them to fill out a very similar questionnaire.

    並帶著筆記板並在 15 分鐘內觀察他們的房間以及填寫一份相似的問卷。

  • The close friends of the college students calculated their friends extraversion and agreeableness way more accurately than the strangers,


  • which make sense because you have to personally know somebody in order to make a better judgment of his or her personality,


  • but surprisingly the strangers did a far better job than the students' friends at predicting conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to new experiences.


  • This demonstrates that it is possible for people who have only known you for a short time to learn a lot about you.


  • Just and also by looking around your bedroom.


  • Little details like having a bottle of sleeping pills on your desk which suggests that you have trouble with falling asleep,


  • or leaving clothes and unfinished food all around your floor which hints that you don't have time to stay organized can say a lot about your passions, desires, work, and psychological state of mind.


  • Now look around your room and try to take note of any objects that can potentially reveal parts of who you are.


  • Which objects do you think most strongly portray your personality? Comment your answers down below.


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  • Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day.


How we arranged and organized our rooms can say a lot about us.


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從臥房看出你什麼個性?(What Does Your Bedroom Reveal About Your Personality? | Psych2Go)

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