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  • Is it on? Yes, okay.

    有在拍攝了嗎 ? 有了,好

  • Hi guys, welcome back to English with Max. In this video we are

    嗨 ! 大家,歡迎回到 English with Max

  • going to look at three meanings of the word "pretty". There are actually several


  • meanings of this word, but I don't want to confuse you, so today we are just


  • going to look at the three most important ones. As usual, remember that


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    你可以追蹤我的社群,我也有在 Instagram 上有發表許多作品

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  • Just a small point on pronunciation. In British English normally you pronounce


  • the T like a normal T: pretty, pretty. In American English often the T is more

    T 正常的發音,像是 pretty、 pretty。在美式英文

  • like a D: pretty, pretty. In Australian English - I'm Australian - we mix it up a bit.

    T 通常發音更像 D,像是 pretty, pretty。在澳洲英文 ─ 我是澳洲人 ─ 我們都會用

  • Sometimes we sayprɪt.i", sometimes we say "/ˈprɪt̬.i/".


  • Okay, the first meaning of "pretty" is the one that you probably


  • already know. "Pretty" can be an adjective meaning attractive or pleasing.


  • It's particularly for things that are delicate or graceful. It can be used to


  • describe people, landscapes, houses, gardens, clothes and many other things.


  • When it comes to people, most of the time it's used for females,


  • so for girls or women. But it can also be used for males, particularly before the


  • word "boy". A "pretty boy". And a pretty boy isn't necessarily a child.


  • It can also be used for young men. Members of boy bands like Westlife,

    也可以用在形容年輕男子。像是男子樂團 Westlife

  • the Backstreet Boys, One Direction, etc. are often described as "pretty boys".

    Backstreet Boys 以及 One Direction 等,都可以叫做「漂亮男孩」

  • I'm not criticising. Most people would probably say that I have


  • quite terrible taste in music, so I actually like bands like that. I'm just


  • telling you to give you an idea. Although I don't actually listen to One Direction.

    我是舉個例子讓你們有概念。雖然我不聽 One Direction 的歌

  • I'm from a slightly older generation.


  • "Pretty" is usually used to describe something visually, in other words,


  • something you can see. But sometimes it is used for smells or sounds.


  • For example, you could say: That is a pretty song.


  • Or: That is a pretty perfume.


  • "Pretty" is similar to "beautiful", but it's usually not quite as strong as "beautiful".

    「pretty」與 「beautiful」有類似的意思,但沒有 beautiful 那樣強烈

  • "Pretty" can also be an adverb meaning "quite".


  • It's basically a more informal way of saying "quite" or "to some degree", but like I said,


  • it's informal. It's colloquial, so don't write it in academic essays.


  • For example: I was pretty tired after my exercise class.


  • The party was pretty good.


  • Don't lie to me, Frank. I know you pretty well now.

    「Frank 不要騙我,我知道你現在狀態很好。」

  • The sequel to the film Twilight wasn't horrible, but it was pretty bad.

    「影集 Twilight 的結局雖然不恐怖,但相當不好。」

  • The third main meaning is when it's used in the idiom "pretty much".

    第三種 pretty 的意思是當用在常用語「pretty much」時

  • "Pretty much" is a colloquial way of saying "mostly" or "almost".

    「pretty much」為一種口語的說法,代表「大部分」或「幾乎」

  • Here are some examples.


  • I've pretty much finished my homework, so I'll be able to watch Game of Thrones soon.

    「我幾乎要完成我的作業了,所以我等下可以看 Game of Thrones 影集了。」

  • That means I've mostly finished my homework. It's almost done.


  • Frank spent a long time doing his hair, but it's pretty much the same as before.

    「Frank 花了很長一段時間弄頭髮,但那幾乎就像他以前會做的事一樣。」

  • I was at the beach for pretty much the whole day.


  • "Pretty much" can also be used alone to answer certain questions.

    「Pretty much」也可以單獨使用來回答特定問題

  • Then it means: "Yes, that's basically the case". Or: "Yes, almost."


  • For example: Frank, have you finished your homework?

    舉例來說:「Frank,你做完你的作業了嗎 ? 」

  • Pretty much.

    「差不多了。 」

  • Are you telling me you spent the whole weekend watching The Bachelor?

    「你該不會要跟我說你花了整個周末看 The Bachelor 吧 ?」

  • Pretty much.


  • I hope you found that useful. If you did, please hit the thumbs up.


  • If you would like to practise using "pretty" in different ways, write me


  • some examples in the comments and I will try and correct them for you.


  • See you next time.


  • Ahhee...ah no.


  • ... give an i... give...

    ... 給我

  • Like...

    喜歡 ...

  • Adjec... spat a bit.


Is it on? Yes, okay.

有在拍攝了嗎 ? 有了,好

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pretty 的三種意思你都會嗎?(3 Meanings of PRETTY)

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