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  • [Charlie Chaplin is very popular in India.]


  • [From his first film in 1914 to now, even after his death, he is famous and is reigning in the hearts of the people.]

    [從 1914 年的第一部電影到現在,即使他已去世仍然很有名,並在人民心中佔據一定的地位。]

  • In the town of Adipur in India's Gujarat state, you will find a man who is arguably Charlie Chaplin's biggest fan.

    位在印度 Gujarat 邦的小鎮 Adipur 上,你會看到一位男子,無疑地是卓別林的大粉絲。

  • [My name is Dr. Ashok Sukhumal Aswani, and I have an immense love for Charlie Chaplin.]

    [我是 Ashok Sukhumal Aswani 博士,我非常熱愛卓别林。]

  • [The first movie that I saw of Charlie Chaplin was "The Gold Rush."]


  • [It was love at first sight, initially through the poster and later through the film.]


  • [I laughed so hard watching Charlie's film that I fell off my chair.]


  • Dr. Aswani practices herbal medicine in his village and uses Charlie Chaplin to help treat his patients.

    Aswani 博士在村莊裡使用藥草與「卓別林」配方治療病人。

  • [Along with medicine, I also prescribe them Charlie Chaplin's DVDs so they can watch and be happy.]


  • [Laughter is the best medicine.]


  • Dr. Aswani isn't the only one with a passion for Mr. Chaplin.

    他並不是唯一一位對卓別林滿懷熱情的人 。

  • He started the Charlie Circle in 1973 to honor and remember one of the world's greatest comedians.

    於 1973 年他創立了 「查理馬戲團」來紀念世界上最偉大的喜劇演員。

  • Charlie Chaplin is beloved because of his every man attitude and comedy that brought joy to the masses.


  • [There are 375 members in the Charlie Circle.]

    [查理馬戲團有 375 位成員。]

  • Every year the Charlie Circle celebrates Charlie Chaplin with a parade, singing, dancing and, of course, cake.


  • [I want to keep him alive till I am alive, and then my grandsons, my friends and all these fellows will keep him alive, because of his marvelous acting without saying any words to the public.]


[Charlie Chaplin is very popular in India.]


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醫生用查理卓別林的電影治療病人。 (The Doctor Treating Patients With Charlie Chaplin Movies)

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