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  • Japadog is a portmanteau.


  • And for those of you that don't know what a portmanteau is, a portmanteau is when you combine two distinct word forms.


  • In this case, it's Japan and hot dog.


  • But this is not a story about words.


  • This, my friends, is a story about two cultures coming together, via hot dog.


  • My name is Noriki Tamura. I am the owner of Japadog.

    我的名字是 Noriki Tamura,我是和風熱狗店的老闆。

  • I came to Vancouver, Canada, in 2005 because I had a dream of starting a business overseas.

    我在 2005 年來到加拿大溫哥華,因為我的夢想是出國創業。

  • There were hot dog stands every three blocks in Vancouver. At that time, there were so many of them,


  • so [my business] had to be something unique. As I was Japanese, I needed to add a little bit of Japanese taste.


  • Three months after I arrived, I opened Japadog.


  • On the menu you'll find dogs with an assortment of traditional Japanese flavors, such as grated radish, bonito flakes and nori.


  • We have about 20 kinds of Japadogs, but depending on the combination that the customers choose, there can be 100 to 150 different combinations.

    我們有大約 20 種和風熱狗,但依據顧客的選擇可以產生 100 到 150 種組合。

  • In the beginning, it didn't sell at all. But, year by year, the number of customers increased little by little because of my effort.


  • And now it's the 13th year; there [are] eight stalls and two restaurants, and there is one stall in America.

    現在到了第 13 年,我們有八個擺攤和兩家餐廳,有一個擺攤位在美國。

  • Now in a busy restaurant, in a day, we sell around 700 Japadogs.

    在忙碌的餐廳,我們一天可以賣出大約 700 個和風熱狗。

  • I came from Japan, and I grew up eating Japanese food, so I know about it very well.


  • And I strongly hope that I can serve the role of combining Japanese food with Canadian food culture.


Japadog is a portmanteau.


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嚐嚐加拿大的和風熱狗 (Get a Tastnada's Japanese-Style Hot Dogs)

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