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  • felines

  • but as we already have a very much an englishman

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  • the cleanest things to put it out

  • when i asked by his collingwood imparted to reveal his strength

  • how is it he so effectively extinguish the flame without having some whatsoever

  • bugs just smiled and said the trick auto

  • he's not minding events

  • the fire dots in the end of that match

  • was a gift from the titan previous

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  • who brought to justice is assessed

  • the gods

  • you might say

  • who reacted

  • poem and start to iraq

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  • day after days

  • out into the night

  • all we're going to get us file

  • our first true peace technology

  • five

  • one hundred thousand bc

  • stone tools four thousand bc

  • nine century eighty - gunpowder

  • diverging changes that one

  • nineteenth-century you recount oddball

  • twentieth century

  • the automobile

  • television

  • nuclear weapons spacecraft international

  • twenty-first century

  • biotech not object fusion envision an emissary on that

  • was just the first decade

  • we know now three months into the air boat twenty twenty three

  • at this moment na civilization we can create side meaning individuals

  • who in just a few short years will be completely indistinguishable from us

  • which leads to an obvious conclusion

  • we

  • gods

  • those of you who know me

  • you'll be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited

  • you know that i will

  • sales are nothing short of greatness

  • all i will die trying

  • for those who do not yet

  • alarming to introduce myself

  • my name is peter waiver

  • if you'll indulge me

  • i'd like to change the world



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B2 中高級 英國腔

TED演講 Peter Weyland (TED Talks Peter Weyland)

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