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  • Look Kashi our fur matches each other

    00:00:12,880 --> 00:00:18,989 嗨,這裡是"M",今天我會跟 Kashmir 一起拍影片

  • Hi guys, it's M today, I'm here with my buddy, Kashmir, or just Kashi for short

    牠是印度狐蝠,又稱「大狐蝠」 牠不是寵物蝙蝠,也沒住在我家

  • He is an Indian fruit bat. He's not a pet bat. He doesn't live here at home

    00:00:25,060 --> 00:00:29,840 實際上牠一直都待在我工作的地方,是為了拍影片所以我才把牠帶牠回家

  • That wouldn't be fair at all he actually belongs to the place


  • I used to work at I've just brought him home so that I can do a video with him


  • You will see me interacting with him in the video


  • It's quite cute, but please don't think that it's okay to do this with any bat

    拜託你在任何地方發現蝙蝠時,都別牠們帶走 狂犬病是非常危險的

  • I don't endorse bats as pets although. He is insanely cute


  • Please if you find a bat wherever you are in the world don't pick it up rabies is very serious


  • And it is very prevalent in a lot of countries where a lot of you are watching so if you find a bat

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  • Please leave it alone contact your local wildlife

    00:01:05,439 --> 00:01:08,159

  • Rehabilitator if you're in the United States or in the UK we do have a bat trust as well another note I'd like to add

    00:01:08,200 --> 00:01:11,400

  • Is that Kashmir was not taken from the wild he was born in captivity in England and comes from a long line of captive bats

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  • Also, please remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already

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  • It's a fun place to be I bring you lots of weekly creature features

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  • And I'm gonna start inserting a couple of other things in there as well you having a quick clean

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  • Okay, you have a little clean take it. I'm not gonna hold it for you

    00:01:32,020 --> 00:01:35,900 正如其名,印度狐蝠來自印度

  • Okay, I'll hold it. I also just quickly want to shout out to the Birch, Please! Studio


  • Especially to Fran who creates these amazing necklaces, and I just love this one it says

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  • "Swallows are so cliche" as the name Indian fruit that would suggest Kashmir comes from India

    00:01:48,509 --> 00:01:50,079

  • He would live in a really really large colony they can be

    00:01:51,420 --> 00:01:55,240 通常人們郊外旅遊然後經過這群蝙蝠時

  • Hundreds strong and speaking of strong the other strong thing apart from the numbers is their odor it's not your fault


  • But you do smell horrendous


  • So they are indeed a very


  • Smelly creature in fact a lot of people when they go traveling and they, they come across


  • Colonies the first thing you'll notice is the smell, and the sound often you don't even see them until you've smelt them and, and heard


  • Them because they are so loud although Indian fruit bats are listed as a nocturnal species meaning they wake up at night


  • They're not strictly nocturnal Indian fruit bats along


  • Australian fruit bats will periodically take opportunities to graze on fruit in the daytime as well as to bask in the Sun

    00:02:36,360 --> 00:02:41,630

  • They will relax so much in the Sun that often you can see fruit bats

    00:02:41,630 --> 00:02:43,620

  • Dangling from the trees with one foot whilst their wings hang down in total rest now

    00:02:43,800 --> 00:02:50,060 其實呢,他們一直都是上下顛倒的 基本上你不會找到任何一隻蝙蝠是直立的

  • I put out an Instagram post a couple of months ago where I showed Kashmir hanging upside down in my hand and I had this


  • Backlash I had to remove the picture because everyone was going, "Why are you forcing him to live upside down?"

    大部分的人都期望在他們的翅膀上看到牠們小小的手指 就跟蜜袋鼯有點像

  • Why why, would you do that?


  • Well, they actually always live upside-down you'll never find a bat


  • The right way up walking around Indian fruit bats have to feet with permanently hooked toenails and a pair of wings

    牠們的手橫跨著翅膀的薄膜 你能從這裡看看到牠的拇指其實就像是鉤子一樣

  • Many people expect to see these little hands and fingers somewhere on the bat's wing a bit like a sugar glider

    這讓他們可以在樹上移動 而且能把眼前的樹枝勾向牠們自己

  • But actually the bat's wing is the bat's hand

    我並沒有訓練他們這樣上下顛倒 牠其實一直都是顛倒的

  • Indian fruit bat's wings are just like our own


  • Fingered hands with skin stretched across them. their thumb is actually a hook seen here

    呼吸的時候顛倒,就連雌性蝙蝠也是顛倒著生產的。 當雌性狐蝠生產時,

  • Which they used to move themselves around the trees and to hook onto branches to pull through it towards them?


  • I haven't trained Kashmir to be upside down. He's just always upside down

    事實上他們需要在翅膀裡面抓住寶寶,所以想像一下 牠們是倒掛著生產的

  • He will eat upside-down, he sleeps upside down

    00:03:46,190 --> 00:03:50,630

  • He breeds upside down, and females will actually give birth upside down. When the females give birth

    00:03:50,630 --> 00:03:56,179 他們以水果為主食,代表他們要吃水果維生。

  • They usually give birth to just one baby fruit bat

    00:03:58,290 --> 00:04:05,629

  • And they actually have to catch the baby inside their wings so imagine that upside down they start to give birth

    00:04:05,630 --> 00:04:10,159

  • They have to lick the infant in order to stimulate it to breathe and they have to catch it in their wing and hope that

    00:04:10,500 --> 00:04:15,050

  • The baby holds on to them so that the baby doesn't fall off as the name also suggests

    00:04:15,050 --> 00:04:20,510

  • They are also frugivorous meaning that they are predominantly fruit-eating bats, although. They are frugivorous

    00:04:20,609 --> 00:04:22,130 全然地超乎尋常

  • They do have these really sharp

    00:04:26,750 --> 00:04:30,529

  • Pointy teeth and those are used to grip onto fruits because fruits are often a round or a spherical shape and they don't have hands

    00:04:30,900 --> 00:04:36,109

  • In order to be able to sort of hold an opposable thumbs to manipulate and be able to bite

    00:04:36,110 --> 00:04:40,530

  • Effectively so they do have to have quite sharp teeth in order to grip that food

    00:04:40,530 --> 00:04:44,360

  • And then what they'll do is they'll actually place it inside their wing and cradle that food whilst eating it upside down

    00:04:44,360 --> 00:04:49,820

  • It's quite remarkable

    00:04:49,820 --> 00:04:53,820

  • They really love the watery juicy fruits out there for example grapes

    00:04:53,820 --> 00:04:55,140

  • And what they'll do they will start by turning the grape in their mouth

    00:04:55,140 --> 00:04:59,960

  • Chewing at the same time whilst turning with those really pointy teeth and then they use their tongue

    00:05:00,660 --> 00:05:07,850 Kashmir以及其他的印度狐蝠 有著這世界上可愛到不行的咀嚼聲

  • Which is a triangular shape and quite long and and very ridgy as well

    牠們很享受進食 準備好一起墜入愛河或者當個排斥者

  • They'll use that to press the food up to the top of their roof of their mouth


  • Where they've got these bony ridges and they will scrape. So they basically go like this. They go


  • *Chewing Sounds*

    00:05:40,100 --> 00:05:47,290

  • So they just suck up all the

    00:05:47,290 --> 00:05:53,319

  • Juicy bits swallow that and then spit out any of the skin and some of the larger seeds as well

    00:05:53,320 --> 00:05:56,230

  • Kashmir and the other Indian fruit bats take the prize for the most adorable chamming or chewing sounds in the world they

    00:05:56,810 --> 00:06:01,570

  • Definitely enjoy their food get ready to either fall in love or be severely repulsed

    00:06:01,570 --> 00:06:06,580

  • *Bat Eating Sound*

    00:06:06,580 --> 00:06:09,879

  • Now bats are really important if it weren't for bats there wouldn't be that many

    00:06:09,920 --> 00:06:15,520

  • Rainforests because bats eat so much fruit that when they eat those seeds they carry them miles and miles away

    00:06:16,940 --> 00:06:18,440 我真希望你們能感受到

  • And then they deposit the seeds off in their droppings in their guano Indian fruit bats are luckily not endangered

    蝙蝠在你耳邊呼吸感覺 >///< 當他們吸氣時其實就感覺像是有東西在耳邊震動 同時也很像

  • They're listed as of Least Concern which means that there are


  • bountiful numbers of fruit bats in the wild however in the United States


  • There's a horrible disease called white-nose which is starting to affect lots of populations of bats

    00:06:34,840 --> 00:06:38,260 Kashi 你好可愛喔~

  • It's quite an epidemic and a lot of those bats with white nose

    00:06:43,400 --> 00:06:49,780

  • Do die can you let go of my arm, please there? We go. Thank you. Tell me a secret

    00:06:51,400 --> 00:06:53,400

  • I wish you guys could feel

    00:06:54,700 --> 00:07:00,000 身為蝙蝠生活在群體之中,可能是一件非常危險的事,因為他們有階級制度

  • How it feels to have a bat sniffing your ear when they smell it actually vibrates really far deep inside your ear it almost feels


  • Like there's a moth like right there just buzzing around yes, hello

    他們可以優先選擇要跟誰生小孩 如果是雌性或階級很低的蝙蝠,就會被其他蝙蝠霸凌

  • Laughter

    超 級 慘

  • You're too cute Kashi, I hope my lighting hasn't changed too much

    牠們彼此都富有侵略性,當牠們發現群體之中有弱者的話 會想辦法把牠們趕走

  • I took the opportunity to go and get a little drinky drink of water

    00:07:18,970 --> 00:07:25,420

  • Because it's good to stay hydrated, would you like to stay hydrated? Let me know oh you would. Yep I'm just gonna

    00:07:25,420 --> 00:07:27,350

  • Guess that's his now *Laugh*

    00:07:27,350 --> 00:07:31,570

  • As a bat living in a colony can be really dangerous because there is quite a straight hierarchy

    00:07:31,570 --> 00:07:37,599 我知道這很難以接受,但是他們就是會一直霸凌其他蝙蝠 當牠們霸凌對方

  • You've always got the really big impressive males

    或是爭吵以及糾紛時,會攻擊對方翅膀的皮膜 所幸這些皮膜很容易痊癒

  • And they get first choice of which females to breed with if you're a low ranking male or female you get bullied


  • really really badly


  • They're really aggressive to each other and if they sense any weakness in the group they try and stamp that out

    00:08:04,580 --> 00:08:06,650

  • So if you are an outcast bat, or you're a low-ranking bat

    00:08:06,650 --> 00:08:08,570

  • You actually sometimes have to crawl along the floor on your belly in order to get food because you'll get bullied out of the actual

    00:08:08,570 --> 00:08:14,810 Kashmir 的叔叔 是英國活最久的蝙蝠

  • good ripe fruit

    牠當時去世時大約41歲,牠叫做 Eric

  • Yes, I know. No you're a bit of a bully aren't you Kashmir's a bit of a bully


  • It's hard to believe but he does bully the other bats a little bit in fact sometimes when bats are bullying each other and having

    但他們真的能活得很久很久 你可能聽過一個流言:蝙蝠都是瞎子

  • Squabbles and scraps and they can tear this skin membrane on the side here luckily that skin membrane is very fast

    Kashmir 其實沒瞎,而其他蝙蝠也同樣不是瞎子

  • Healing so sometimes you can see bats and when they extend their wing you can see that that wing is

    00:08:43,230 --> 00:08:44,870 Kashmir 的視力正常的

  • actually

    牠有著靈敏的嗅覺,但聽覺其實才是他的強項 牠會動耳朵聽取四周一切的聲音

  • Torn that will regenerate itself in most cases of course where these bats live there's lots of water around as well lots of lakes


  • Lots of rivers and often they will fall into the water by accident, however. They can swim, fairly well


  • It doesn't look particularly graceful

    00:09:02,460 --> 00:09:04,460

  • It looks like the butterfly

    00:09:04,640 --> 00:09:11,080

  • But they can paddle themselves back to shore now Kashmir's uncle was one of the oldest living bats in Britain

    00:09:13,980 --> 00:09:17,460

  • He was about 41 years old when he passed away and his name was Eric

    00:09:18,000 --> 00:09:21,840 有吃的??

  • Unfortunately the place I used to work at don't have any official documents to prove it


  • But they are a very very long-lived animal in captivity you may have also heard of that term as blind as a bat


  • Kashmir is certainly not blind and many bat species aren't blind and there are so many

  • Different species in fact a quarter of all the mammals in the world are bat species so that is a lot of different bat species

  • Kashmir's eyesight is decent

  • He's got a great nose, but his best sense is his sense of hearing those ears are constantly twitching around he can hear everything

  • Thank you guys so much for watching

  • I hope that you enjoyed meeting

  • Kashmir remember to hit that subscribe button down below become part of the creature crew and we'll see you in another creature feature soon Bye

  • *Kissy sounds*

  • He's pulling away, I'm getting denied here. Ha stole it. someone's at my door

  • *Door sounds*

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Look Kashi our fur matches each other

00:00:12,880 --> 00:00:18,989 嗨,這裡是"M",今天我會跟 Kashmir 一起拍影片


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