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  • They call us gamblers. They say we depend on luck.

  • They claim that no one can beat the market, and we're wasting our time.

  • This isn't a real job, we should give up our hobby, they say.

  • But if they only knew... that we are the masters of risk

  • the essence of entrepreneurial spirit the liquidity of the economy.

  • We live by our wits, eating what we hunt, adapting to the ever-changing jungle landscape

  • that is the market. We trade the currency you circulate when you

  • shop. We trade the companies you work for each day.

  • We trade the gold on the watch on your wrist. While you wilt at the sight of failure and

  • loss We relish adversity.

  • We are not afraid to take losses to talk about our losses

  • to rebound from our losses. Those are our defining moments.

  • Discipline and self-awareness are our companions. We are what you've always wished you could

  • be. And we're coming out of the shadows.

  • We are traders.

They call us gamblers. They say we depend on luck.


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我們是交易員--向所有在市場上交易的人致敬。 (We Are Traders - A Tribute to All Those Trading the Markets)

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