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  • This is Sweden, one of the countries on the friendly northern countries side of the world.


  • In Sweden, you can't name your baby Metallica, you can't name them Elvis, you can't name them Ikea,

    在瑞典,寶寶的名字不能叫做 Metallica ,不能叫做 Elvis ,不能叫做 Ikea

  • and you definitely can't name them Albin just as long as its spelled like this.

    更不能叫做 Albin 。這名字太長,拼出來就像是:

  • That's because Sweden has some of the strictest laws in the world on which names you can use.


  • These laws originally came around because Sweden is a monarchy.


  • They've got a king, and queen, and royal families, as monarchies do,


  • and they don't want anyone to just waltz into fake nobility by changing their name.


  • They want the nobles to stay nobles and their ordinaries to stay ordinaries,


  • so nobody is allowed to use the names of noble families unless they are part of that family.


  • Slight problem - there are over 28,000 nobles in Sweden.

    但是有個小問題:瑞典有超過 28,000 名貴族

  • That's a lot of prohibited names.


  • Weirdly, these laws are managed by the Swedish Tax Agency.


  • Whenever a baby is born in Sweden, parents are required to submit a name to them for approval.


  • Of course in most cases babies just take the last name of their parents, but you can technically change last names,


  • so in order to prevent anyone from changing their last names to that of a royal,


  • this agency prevents anyone from naming their child or changing their name to a noble name.


  • But they also regulate first names.


  • The naming law states that "First names shall not be approved if they can cause offense, or can be supposed to cause discomfort for the one using it,


  • or names which for some obvious reason are not suitable as a first name.”


  • This is why they rejected this spelling of Albin.

    這就是為什麼 Albin 這個名字會遭到駁回

  • The parents submitted this name in protest of the naming laws since they were fined 5000 krona

    有對父母為了抗議命名法,故意把小孩命名為 Albin

  • for not submitting a name by the child's 5th birthday


  • and after this spelling was rejected, they tried again by submitting the name Albin, this time spelled like this.


  • This name was rejected again because of a ban on one-letter names.


  • But Sweden isn't the only place where some names are illegal.


  • In Denmark, which is, fun fact, the only country in the world whose name starts with "d-e-n" and ends with "mark,"

    在丹麥有個有趣的現象,也是世界上唯一一個國名始於 den 終於 mark

  • there's a list of 15,000 male names and 18,000 female names that are approved for use.

    有份清單名列出可使用的 15,000 個男性名字及 18,000 個女性名字

  • In order to name a child something not on this list, parents have to go through a laborious approval process.


  • Iceland, one of the other countries in the jibber-jabber language area of the world,


  • is even more restrictive where there are only 1,700 approved male names and 1,800 approved female names.

    在取名上更為嚴謹,名單上僅有 1,700 個男性名字與 1,800 個女性名字是官方批准的

  • These Icelandic laws are even more difficult to comply with because Iceland doesn't name people the same way as the rest of the world.


  • In the traditional Icelandic naming system, there are no real last names.


  • If someone named Karl Daníelson has a boy named Björn, the son would not take the last name Daníelson


  • In Iceland, boys' last names are typically their fathers first names plus "son" which, surprisingly, means son,

    若有個名叫 Karl Daníelson 的人,有了一個叫 Björn 的兒子,那麼這個兒子就不會用 Daníelson 這個姓

  • while girls' last names are correspondingly usually their fathers first names plus "dóttir," which means daughter.

    在冰島,男生的名字通常是由爸爸的名字加上 son 這個字,令人驚訝的,這個字就代表兒子

  • So, that boy named Björn with a father named Karl would be named Björn Karlson.

    同理,女生的名字就是由爸爸的命字加上 dóttir 這個字,代表女兒

  • This can create enormous difficulties especially for Icelandic nationals

    所以,兒子的名字就會由爸爸的名字 Karl 加上 son 這個字,名為 Björn Karlson

  • who have children abroad and name them with the more traditional last-name system.


  • Children without proper gendered last names have regularly been denied passports in Iceland


  • and so, to summarize, in Iceland, Aliaksandr Alexander Aliaksandrson is a legal name but John Smith is not.


  • But even the US has some restrictions on names.

    總歸一句, Aliaksandr Alexander Aliaksandrson 在冰島是一個合法的名字,而 John Smith 就掰掰囉!

  • Of course, Americans seem to take this whole free speech thing pretty seriously,


  • so you don't need to get names approved,


  • but there are some technical limitations on which names you can have.


  • There are no country-wide laws on names, but different states have different restrictions.


  • Mostly based off of how advanced their computer systems that handle name registration are.


  • In Alaska, for example, you can have any name you want but in New Hampshire, on the other hand,


  • names are capped at 100 characters because the state computers can only handle 100 character names.


  • California, meanwhile, prohibits names spelled with anything but the 26 letters of the English alphabet so Günter and Léa and José are out of luck.

    姓名不得超過 100 字符,因為程式上只能處理 100 字符以內的名字

  • Of course these people aren't just prohibited from existing in California,

    同樣的,在加州,取名時不能使用 26 個英文字母以外的符號

  • but for all government purposes their name will be switched to a version without accents.

    所以,也只能跟 Günter、Léa、 José 這些名字說聲抱歉啦

  • Also out of luck would be famous mathematician Mileva Marić


  • who, I'm sure you all know, married Albert Einstein who published the Theory of Relativity,


  • which stated that you can't travel faster than the speed of light, among other things, in 1905

    姓名遭拒的還有知名是數學家 Mileva Marić,我想你們都知道

  • then 113 years later it went up as a course on


  • Brilliant is the best place to learn things like probability, machine learning, special relativity, and more

    相對論於 1905 年指出「沒有任何東西能夠移動得比光速還快」

  • because they don't teach you by making you frantically check a bunch of inane rules.

    然而在 113 年後的今天變成了 Brilliant 網站上的一堂課

  • With Brilliant you learn by playing through puzzles that help you build up your intuition,

    Brilliant 是最好的平台,提供你學習概率、機器學、狹義相對論等等的課程

  • so you truly come to understand these concepts.

    因為 Brilliant 絕不會一昧地教你一堆讓你抓狂的公式

  • You can take as many of these superbly designed courses as you want with their premium subscription,

    和 Brilliant 一同學習,像是玩拼圖一樣,累積知識

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This video was made possible by Brilliant.

這支影片由 Brilliant 提供

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