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  • Hey guys, I'm here today to show you the power of makeup.


  • I've been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say that they love makeup.


  • Because nowadays, we say you love makeup, you either do it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you're insecure, or you do it because you don't love yourself.


  • I feel like in a way lately it's almost a crime to love doing your makeup, so after seeing last week's RuPaul's Drag Race with the half-dragged half male, I was inspired to show you the power of makeup.

    好像喜歡化妝是犯罪一樣,所以我看了 RuPaul's Drag Race 的半臉變裝半臉男子打扮,也被激勵要向你們展現化妝的威力

  • I noticed a lot that when I don't wear makeup, and I have my hair up in a bun.


  • And I meet people, and I show them pictures of my videos or or whatever looks I have done.


  • They look at me and straight-up tell me that is not you.


  • They tell me that's funny because I don't even look like that girl on the picture.


  • So without any further ado, I'm going to do half my face full-on glam.


  • I'm truly going to transform one side of my face and the other side is going to be me raw unedited nothing me, just me.


  • So let's do it today.


  • I'm first going in with my Koh Gen Do aqua foundation in number 213.

    我要先用江原道粉底液,色號 213

  • It makes me look photoshopped without Photoshop.

    它讓我的臉看起來像 P 過圖

  • That's that's why I love it.


  • Same goes for concealer.


  • I have dark circles. I want them to be gone.


  • I don't like brows, propably is because I don't have them naturally.


  • What is the solution for that?


  • Brow pencil.


  • For eyes, I don't like how my eyes are hooded slightly on the smaller side and just not as open and awake and fresh.


  • So I like to take a brown eyeshadow and start building in my crease.


  • And most of the days, I don't even follow my natural crease.


  • I just got a little bit above it and create this new shape, so I can create this eye shape or the effect that I want my eye to give by using makeup.


  • Here, I'm using Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in sun and cognac.

    現在我用的是 Anastasia Beverly Hills 眼影,色號 sun 和 cognac

  • Golds and taupe eye shadows are my favorite for the lid.


  • So for this transformation, I'll use no other.


  • I loved optically making my eyes look larger so for this I'm taking my Kat von D tattoo liner in trooper and creating a new inner corner.

    我愛視覺性地讓眼睛變大,所以現在要用 Kat von D 的眼線,色號 trooper,來畫一個新的內眼線

  • And creating a parallel line underneath and leaving the space in between there.


  • Smoke out the lower lash line as smokey as you want it to be.


  • And to open up those inner corners even more, I'm taking this jewel effects and shine by Makeup Studio and sparkle it up.

    我要用 Makeup Studio 的珠光亮粉打開、打亮眼頭

  • And if there's one thing that completely changes up my eyes, it's eyeliner.


  • And of course lashes.


  • For this amusing the Elena lashes and these are Bev's.

    這是 Elena 的假睫毛,下睫毛是 Bev 的

  • One of the main things I get told when I show people a picture of me with makeup like in my videos and when I'm without makeup in front of them in person, they always say but it looks so much slimmer.


  • Let me introduce you to the world of contouring.


  • Contouring is my religion.


  • So today to sculpt one side of my face, I'll be using the Kat von D Shade and Light Contour Palette.

    我今天要用 Kat von D 的修容盤來雕塑我的臉

  • Got a double chin? Contour that.

    有雙下巴困擾嗎? 修容吧

  • Look at that, look at that, cheekbones on point.


  • Where is the point?


  • Bronzer, because it gives me the Sun without the damage.


  • Luminoso blush by Milani, because it just transforms my cheeks into heaven.

    Milani 的腮紅,它讓我的臉頰變成天堂

  • and The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter to highlight.

    用 The Balm 的打亮餅來打亮

  • For lips, I like lining them.


  • Today, I'm using Boldly Bare lip pencil by Mac just to give the shape of my lips a little bit more volume.

    我用 Mac Boldly Bare 唇筆讓我的唇形更豐滿

  • Then a pinky coral lipstick, this is "soft touch" by Dose of Colors and over top a nude gloss.

    接著用粉珊瑚色的唇膏,我用的是 Dose of Colors 的 soft touch 色號,在上面疊上裸色唇蜜

  • Here I'm using the Rimmel apocalypse lip lacquer in number 100.

    我用的是 Rimmel apocalypse lip lacquer,色號 100

  • And that guys is the power of makeup.


  • By no means, I want to say that if you have insecurities so you should just slap makeup on feel better and just never be content with your own self.


  • I just want people to know that makeup is fun, and there are no rules to makeup.


  • And if you want to go for that super ass sharp contour for the day, do it!


  • If you want to go for a red lip and crazy bold eyes, do it!


  • There are no rules to makeup, and makeup is there for days when you want to look hella good.


  • And that's why I love the power of makeup.


  • Thank you so much for watching.


  • If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.


  • I hope you enjoyed.


  • And by all means, if you want to do a take on this half face of nothing half face a full-on glam by all means, do it!


  • Tag me on Instagram, and Twitter, or Facebook, wherever, tag me!

    在 Instagram、Twitter,或 Facebook,或任何社群軟體,tag 我!

  • And I want to thank you for watching.


  • Bye bye!


Hey guys, I'm here today to show you the power of makeup.


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知名美妝 YouTuber 向你展現化妝的力量! (The Power of MAKEUP!)

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