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  • Have you ever felt like you weren't pretty enough for the person you want?


  • Or that the person you want is so desirable and so attractive that they have so many options, why would they choose you?


  • I've recently asked my fast-track members, "What was the moment with a guy where you realized you were deeply attracted to him?"

    我最近問了幾位 fast-track 會員:「你跟一個男人在一起時,發現自己深受他吸引的是哪一個瞬間?」

  • Here's what they said:


  • A mother was pushing her stroller across the street and didn't notice when a blanket fell out.


  • Without hesitation, the guy I was on a date with grabbed it, caught up to her, and gave it back.


  • The guy I was seeing stayed over for the first time.


  • The next morning, I went to make us coffee.


  • And when I came back to the bedroom, he had made my bed.


  • Me and a guy were taking a walk one day, and he spontaneously asked me, "What are two things you're grateful for?"


  • It made me so attracted to the positive way he looked at life.


  • I also asked a handful of guys for these moments when they felt deeply attracted to a woman.


  • Here's what a couple of them said:


  • I mentioned a book that meant a lot to me, and a week later, I found out that she not only had bought a copy, but had started reading it for herself.


  • I was speaking on the phone to the woman I was seeing.


  • And her friends had just invited her out that night.


  • She told me that she said no to them because she wanted to stay in and finish a work project that was important to her.


  • I was on a date watching the movie "Interstellar," and I was trying not to cry during an emotional scene.


  • I looked over to see if she'd noticed me, but her eyes were glued to the screen and she was already crying.


  • I call these moments "microattractions,"


  • the understated moments and behaviors that make us realize someone is the kind of person we might want to spend a life with.


  • And I think this is where the real game of attraction should be played.


  • This is crucial to understand, because we live in a world right now that over values all of the wrong things.


  • Money, fame, popularity, how many followers you have on Instagram...

    金錢、名聲、人氣、Instagram 有多少追蹤人數...

  • All of these things that we think are the barometers for how attractive someone is.


  • But the truth is, when it really comes down to it for mature, intelligent people,


  • they are looking for a person of character, for a person of integrity, for the type of person who day to day exhibits the qualities that they want to experience in a relationship over a lifetime.


  • So we have to stop rolling ourselves out of the game simply because we think that someone gets a lot of attention or they have a lot of options,


  • and start valuing properly our growth as a person and our character.


  • Because I promise you, with the best people, with the most mature and intelligent and emotionally intelligent people, that's where the game is being played.

    因為我保證,對最優秀,擁有成熟、智慧、高 EQ 的人來說,這才是魅力的所在。

  • In one of my favorite movies, "Vanilla Sky," David Aames, played by Tom Cruise, reflects on the small moments in his life that had giant consequences.

    我最喜歡的一部電影《香草天空》中,湯姆.克魯斯飾演的 David Aames 回想了人生中那些枝微末節卻有巨大影響的片刻。

  • He concludes, "The little things... there's nothing bigger, is there?"

    他以一句話總結:「這些小事情... 沒什麼比它們更重要了,對吧?」

  • Now, you know that I don't ask you to comment on every one of my videos.


  • But I think this message is so important that I want you to understand it on an emotional level, not just a logical one.


  • So do this for me.


  • Write in the comments, a moment of microattraction, where you either felt drawn to another person because of something they did or they told you they were drawn to you because of something you did.


  • Write it in the comments; I can't wait to read them.


  • And also, let me know if you enjoyed this concept.


  • I know it's a little heady, but I think it's really, really important.


  • And I'll see you next week.


Have you ever felt like you weren't pretty enough for the person you want?


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