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  • Hi guys, so tomorrow is the day..

  • I've been planning and working on this from more than a month now..

  • From finding the dance troupe...

  • Getting the camera crew..

  • Finding the right venue and getting the permissions..

  • And most importantly trying to learn how to dance...

  • Because i'm not such a good dancer..

  • & I've practiced only for five days,

  • So I've no idea how things are gonna go tomorrow.

  • You know,

  • You told me that I've never officially proposed you yet..

  • Trust me, it cannot get bigger than this....

  • It cannot get bigger than this...

  • Will you Marry me?

  • Yes...

  • It's a YES.. Wohooo

  • Guys thank you so much.. I hope you enjoyed today..

  • Thank you all, have a great evening...

  • Thank you..

Hi guys, so tomorrow is the day..


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