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  • What's he doing?

  • He's making the wrong face!

  • Look who just sent me a text!

  • Maddy McAlister??

  • What should I say?

  • Just play it cool.

  • Welcome to the world inside your phone

  • where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life.

  • Aww... snap!

  • Ow.

  • My name is Gene

  • and I'm supposed to be a "meh".

  • Mehh.

  • You know, like "meh, who cares?"

  • My problem is I have more than one emotion.

  • Check this out!

  • Huh, huh?

  • Ha ha ha!

  • Son, please tell me

  • you weren't laughing just now.

  • What if you get sent out on the phone

  • making the wrong face?

  • Dad, I'll make the right face

  • then I'll finally fit in.

  • Meh.

  • Sweetie, you're so handsome when you make that face.

  • I think he's ready, Mel.

  • Meh.

  • That's our user, Alex.

  • We have an incoming text!

  • We are go for meh!

  • Who, me?

  • What's he doing?

  • He's making the wrong face!

  • Huh, what the heck?

  • Welcome to the loser lounge where the Emojis

  • who never get used hang out.

  • Wassup, Hi Five?

  • I'm an Emoji.

  • I gotta have some sort of purpose here.

  • I'm gonna help you.

  • We need to get off the phone and find the source code.

  • Then I can fit in!

  • Let's roll!

  • Bye, Felicia.

  • First we have to get through this-

  • Firewall.

  • What's Alex's girlfriend's name again?

  • It was...

  • Tina.

  • Access denied.

  • Karen

  • Sarah

  • I want to say Lupita,

  • but that doesn't feel right now that I'm saying out loud.

  • I think you're pretty cool just the way you are.

  • Wow!

  • Nobody leaves the phone!

  • Delete them!

  • My feelings are huge.

  • Maybe I'm meant to have more than just one emotion.

  • Where am I??

  • Candy Crush!

  • Divine! Sweet!

  • Tasty! Delicious!

  • Urrgh, I'm never eating another piece of candy EVER again.

  • High Five, don't do it.

  • Don't you do it. It's already been in there once.

  • Ugh.

  • [toilet flush]

  • Okay, son. What do we do after we go potty?

  • Should we wash our hands?

  • Ha ha ha!

  • We're number two!

What's he doing?


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A2 初級 美國腔

表情大電影國際版預告片#2 (2017) | 電影剪輯預告片 (The Emoji Movie International Trailer #2 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers)

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