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  • How's it going friends. Chris here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports

  • Today I have this killer 2014 Grom from Honda to show you

  • Alright friends let's talk about this 2014 Grom

  • First off Honda has packed all of its technology into this very

  • nice awesome looking little urban motorcycle

  • this is a 125 CC air-cooled

  • 4-speed engine it is fuel injected

  • for firing up on those cold mornings it is going turn right over for your

  • more importantly than specifications to me

  • this motorcycle absolutely speaks to me reminds me of being a kid

  • flipping through the classic bike magazines in looking at the old bikes like

  • CT 70's from Honda this very much has that feel to me

  • I think Honda absolutely captured magic with that

  • really giving you that retro style but very modern day as well

  • the black-on-black through this thing just looks incredible

  • looks like a really you know ready to rip around town sportbike

  • just in a very nice small package

  • this is the perfect urban cruiser for your first time rider

  • up to your season vet specially for the you people who love the RV's and camping

  • take this out to the campsite and do some cookies around there

  • everyone's going to want to come party at your RV so please

  • make sure to get out doing brothers Motorsports come check out this new 2014 Grom

  • as always from the entire Dillon Brothers Motorsports family

  • thank you so much for checking us out and always remember friends

  • gear up ride safe thanks a lot

How's it going friends. Chris here at Dillon Brothers Motorsports


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2014年本田Grom在Dillon Brothers Motorsports(奧馬哈)的比賽中。 (2014 Honda Grom at Dillon Brothers Motorsports (Omaha))

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