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  • This week Sam and I are in Montreal. This is a city where I was born, so it is always

    這週我和薩姆是在蒙特利爾。這個 是我出生的地方一個城市,所以它總是

  • really fun to come and revisit. We are going to be showing you some of the main attractions

    真的很有趣前來重溫。我們要去了 要顯示你的一些主要景點

  • around town.


  • For our summer getaway we decided to visit Montreal. Located in the province of Quebec,

    對於我們的避暑勝地,我們決定去參觀 蒙特利爾。位於魁北克省,

  • this city offers world class festivals, arts, entertainment and dining. We wanted to highlight

    這個城市擁有世界級的節日,藝術, 娛樂和餐飲場所。我們想強調

  • what makes this city so special, so here are 30 things to do in Montreal.

    是什麼讓這個城市如此特殊,所以這裡有 30要做的事情在蒙特利爾做。

  • Our first stop was the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for a look at some of the current

    我們的第一站是蒙特利爾博物館 一看目前的一些美術

  • exhibitions. One of the nice things about this museums is that admission to the permanent

    展覽。一個關於好話 這個博物館是錄取到永久

  • collection is free at all times.


  • Well, it is time to burn off all of that Poutine. We're here at Park Mount Royal and we're going

    好了,現在是時候燒掉所有的肉汁奶酪薯條的。 我們在這裡在公園皇家山,我們要

  • to walk around and explore to see what is going on. This is one of the biggest parks

    四處走動,並探索看看有什麼 怎麼回事。這是最大的公園之一

  • in the city.


  • We just spotted a woodpecker up in the tree.

    我們只發現一隻啄木鳥起來 那個樹。

  • This is where locals come to escape the bustle of the city. You'll find many people picnic-ing

    這是當地人來逃避喧囂 城市的。你會發現很多人野餐ING

  • here on a weekend.


  • We've been walking around Mount Royal for a while now and we've finally reached one

    我們一直在四處走動皇家山的 有一段時間了,我們終於到達了第一

  • of the many lookout points of the city and there are some amazing views.

    這個城市的眾多的瞭望點和 也有一些令人驚嘆的美景。

  • On a clear day you can see the whole city.


  • During our visit to Montreal we chose to stay in the neighborhood of Le Plateau-Mont Royal.

    我們到蒙特利爾訪問期間,我們選擇了留下 在樂高原Mont皇家附近。

  • The area is quite lively with lots of bars and restaurants, and the residential streets

    該地區是有很多酒吧相當熱鬧 與餐館和住宅街道

  • are lined with spiral staircases. There were also lots of friendly cats who came out to

    兩旁的螺旋式樓梯。曾經有 也和很多非常友好的貓誰出來

  • greet us in the morning.

    迎接我們的 早晨。

  • Summers in Montreal are a lot of fun. On Sunday afternoons you'll find a huge drumming circle

    在蒙特利爾夏季很多樂趣。在星期天 下午,你會發現一個巨大的鼓圈

  • on the east end of Mount Royal.


  • We're now here at McGill University, one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious universities.

    我們現在在這裡麥吉爾大學之一 加拿大歷史最悠久,最負盛名的大學。

  • It is a gorgeous day outside so we're just going to wander around campus and show you

    這是一個美麗的日子之外,所以我們只是 要四處流浪校​​園,並且告訴你

  • around.


  • McGill University is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Canada. Even if you're

    麥吉爾大學是最負盛名的一個 大學所有加拿大。即使你

  • not a student, the campus is worth a little stroll.

    不是學生,校園值得一小 漫步。

  • There is one dish that you absolutely have to try when you come to Montreal and that

    有一個菜,你絕對有 嘗試當你來到蒙特利爾和

  • is poutine. This is a French Canadian dish and for those who aren't very familiar with

    是肉汁奶酪薯條。這是一個法裔加拿大菜 而對於那些誰是不是很熟悉

  • it. It is basically french fries with gravy and cheese curds on top. Now it sounds a little

    它。它基本上是炸薯條肉汁 頂部和奶酪凝乳。現在,它聽起來有點

  • bit gross and it doesn't look that appetizing at first sight but trust me it is delicious.

    有點噁心,它不看的開胃 一見鍾情,但相信我,它是好吃。

  • It is time for the big reveal. Look down here. This is the standard one. Look at all of the

    這是時間大揭秘。這裡往下看。 這是標準之一。看看所有的

  • cheese curd. It is melting. And the gravy. These fries are swimming in a pool of gravy.

    奶酪凝乳。它正在融化。和肉汁。 這些薯條游泳肉汁池。

  • That is amazing.


  • Time for the first bite of the classic poutine here. Let's get lots of gravy on it. Woah,

    時間為經典的肉汁奶酪薯條的第一口 這裡。讓我們得到很多肉汁就可以了。哇,

  • stringy cheese. Oh, I got it on my mouth. Wow! That is so good. I just wish this was

    的奶酪。哦,我知道了我的嘴。 哇!之所以如此,是不錯的。我只是希望這是

  • healthy so that I could eat it more often.


  • For a taste of French charm, wander down the cobbled streets of Old Montreal. It'll feel

    對於法國魅力味道,漫步在 蒙特利爾舊城區的鵝卵石街道。它會感覺

  • like you've traveled back to France several centuries. There are lots of great restaurants

    就像你走過回到法國幾 世紀。有很多偉大的餐館

  • to try in this area.


  • For fine dining and shopping in trendy boutiques, you can pop into the Bonsecours Market.

    對於時尚精品店美食和購物, 你可以隨便走進孟斯庫爾市場。

  • Habitat 67 is a unique housing complex and one of the most interesting architectural

    人居67是一個獨特的住房小區和 最有趣的建築之一

  • landmarks in the city.


  • Whether you visit Montreal in the summer or winter, there are always festivals going on.

    無論您參觀蒙特利爾夏季或 冬天,總有節日回事。

  • Be sure to check them out!


  • Tonight we're at the Cirque du Soleil here in Montreal and we're going to be watching

    今晚我們在太陽馬戲團在這裡 在蒙特利爾,我們要有待觀望

  • their latest show Curious.


  • While we can't bring you inside the tent, we can tell you that it is a fascinating performance

    雖然我們不能為您帶來的帳篷裡, 我們可以告訴你,這是一個令人著迷的表現

  • that takes you into a different world.


  • This roman catholic basilica is located on the Westmount Summit and you'll have to climb

    這羅馬天主教大教堂位於 在西山峰會,你就會有爬

  • 283 steps to reach the top.


  • The biodome is a popular attraction for families with children. It allows you to walk through

    自然生態博物館是家庭歡迎的景點 與孩子。它可以讓你穿行

  • replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas.


  • We're here now at Olympic Stadium. This used to be the former stadium of the Montreal Expos,

    我們現在在這裡奧林匹克體育場。這曾經 是蒙特利爾博覽會前球場,

  • a baseball team that has since moved to Washington. I was fortunate enough in the 90's to come

    棒球隊自從搬到華盛頓。 我是在上世紀90年代來有幸

  • and watch them play when they had such great players such as Larry Walker who is considered

    並觀察當他們有這麼大的他們玩 玩家如拉里·沃克誰被認為是

  • to be by many the best Canadian baseball player ever.

    是由很多優秀的加拿大棒球選手 永遠。

  • Originally though this stadium was built for the Olympics in the 70's and this is still

    雖然最初這個球場是專為 奧運會在70年代,這仍是

  • the largest stadium in Canada in terms of seating capacity.

    加拿大最大的球場而言 座位。

  • Because there was some landscaping work being done, we didn't get to walk the extent of

    因為有一些美化工作是 完成後,我們沒有走的程度

  • the gardens, however, there is plenty to see here. The botanical gardens are home to Japanese

    花園,然而,有很多看到 這裡。植物園是家庭日

  • Gardens, Chinese Gardens and even Alpine Gardens.


  • Right now I'm here at the Bell Center, home to the Montreal Canadiens, one of the most

    現在我在這裡的貝爾中心,家庭 到蒙特利爾加拿大人,一個最

  • historic and celebrated franchises in all of sports - not just in the NHL but all of

    在所有的歷史和著名的特許經營權 不只是在非霍奇金淋巴瘤,但所有的 - 運動

  • sports.


  • They have such a storied history but as a Blackhawks fan my team has been doing better

    他們有這樣一個傳奇的歷史,但作為一個 黑鷹扇我的團隊一直在做的更好

  • lately so I've got bragging rights right now.


  • You have to eat smoked meat if you come all the way to Montreal and there's not better

    你如果你來的所有吃的煙熏肉 順便蒙特利爾和有沒有更好的

  • place to do so that at Schwartz. This restaurant is an institution and it's worth lining up

    地方這樣做,在施瓦茨。這家餐廳 是一個機構,它的價值排隊

  • for.


  • The Notre Dame Basilica is located in the historic district of Old Montreal. Step inside

    聖母院大教堂位於 蒙特利爾舊城區的歷史街區。裡面步

  • to be wowed by the blue ceilings and gold-adorned altar.

    由藍色的天花板和金色裝飾的被相中 壇。

  • If you enjoy checking out graffiti and street art I would highly recommend the area around

    如果你喜歡檢查出的塗鴉和街頭 藝術我會強烈建議周圍地區

  • Saint Catherine's in the East end of the city. It is just so colorful. You can wander down

    聖凱瑟琳在城市的東端。 它就是這麼豐富多彩。您可以漫步

  • the lanes. So many artists have taken over the area, so check it out.

    的車道。所以很多藝術家已經接管 該地區,所以檢查出來。

  • Next up we're heading to St. Catherine street which is the place to go shopping. The street

    接下來,我們要前往聖凱瑟琳大街 這是去購物的地方。街道

  • is lined with different stores and boutiques and I know Sam is going to love this.

    兩旁都是不同的商店和精品店 我知道山姆會喜歡這個。

  • This is the main commercial artery of the city.

    這其中的主要商業動脈 市。

  • Montreal has long, brutal winters and this is when the underground city plays an important

    蒙特利爾長期以來,殘酷的冬天,這 當地下城起著重要

  • role. Most of the downtown area is interconnected by underground paths and underground shopping

    角色。大多數市區的互連 地下通道及地下商場

  • areas so you don't have to be out in the cold.


  • Parc Lafontaine is located in the borough of Le Plateau Mont-Royal and it's a popular

    拉方丹公園位於市鎮 樂高原Mont皇家的,這是一個受歡迎

  • hangout spot on weekends. Friends come to play sports and enjoy a picnic by the pond.

    週末聚會的地方。朋友來 多運動,並享受在池塘邊野餐。

  • Le Village is a vibrant neighbourhood which is home to many bars, clubs, and theatres.

    樂村是一個充滿活力的社區這 是許多酒吧,俱樂部和劇院。

  • In the summertime the street is lined with 200,000 pink balls over the pedestrian only

    在夏季的街道兩旁有 200000在行人粉色球只

  • street.


  • So now for a little afternoon pick me up we have St. Viateur bagels, which are really

    所以現在一點點下午接我,我們 有聖Viateur百吉餅,這是真的

  • famous here in Montreal. I got myself the cinnamon raisin one. That smells really nice.

    這裡著名的蒙特利爾。我有我自己的 肉桂葡萄乾之一。那味道真的很好。

  • What makes these bagels unique is that they are hand rolled and they are made in a wood

    是什麼讓這些麵包圈的獨特之處,他們 是手捲,他們是在一個木頭做的

  • burning oven. This store is so popular that they actually produce twelve thousand bagels

    燃燒爐。這家店是如此受歡迎, 他們實際上產生12000百吉餅

  • a day.


  • Alright, time for the first bite. I don't know if you can see it well with the camera

    好了,時間第一口。我不 知道你是否可以用相機看它好

  • but there are huge chunks of apples. Look at that. Wow! Are you in your happy place?

    但也有蘋果大塊。看 在這一點。哇!你在你快樂的地方?

  • I am. This is like ultimate dessert for me.


  • A


  • great way to get around the city is by bike. Bixi stations let you hire out bikes for a

    偉大的方式來解決城市是騎自行車。 碧溪電台讓你出租自行車的

  • few hours or for the full day, and you can return them at any bike station in the city.

    幾個小時或一整天,你可以 在城市的任何自行車站歸還。

  • This is another popular cathedral in the city. It is the third largest church in the province

    這是在城市的另一種流行的大教堂。 這是全省第三大的教堂

  • of Quebec.


  • Montreal's Old Port is worth a wander. You can enjoy a quiet stroll along the waterfront

    蒙特利爾老港是值得一徘徊。您 可以享受沿著海濱漫步寧靜

  • or stop for a mid-afternoon nap and one of the many little parks found in the area.

    或停止中間午睡和一 在該地區發現了許多小公園。

  • The best way to get around Montreal is by hopping on the metro. If you're going to be

    繞過蒙特利爾最好的辦法是通過 跳躍在地鐵上。如果你將要

  • in the city for a few days we suggest you get a pass so that you can zip around from

    在城市幾天我們建議您 得到一通,這樣就可以從拉鍊

  • one neighborhood to the next.


  • This Canal is popular with cyclists. It runs 14.5 kilometers starting from the Old Port

    這條運河是很受騎自行車。它運行 14.5公里距離舊港出發

  • of Montreal.


  • So there you have it - a quick little glimpse at this beautiful French city. From festivals

    所以你有它 - 一個小巧的一瞥 在這個美麗的法國城市。從節日

  • to live entertainment, and dining to shopping, Montreal has plenty to offer for travellers.

    生活娛樂和餐飲購物, 蒙特利爾有很多提供旅客。

  • Have you been to Montreal? Let us know what you love about this city in the comments below.

    你去過蒙特利爾?讓我們知道什麼 你喜歡這個城市在下面的意見。

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This week Sam and I are in Montreal. This is a city where I was born, so it is always

這週我和薩姆是在蒙特利爾。這個 是我出生的地方一個城市,所以它總是


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