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  • So, how did your date with Mike go?

  • Eh.

  • What?

  • Seriously, not worth mentioning.

  • What do you mean? You planned it for so long.

  • Yeah. And it was over before it began.

  • Details... please.

  • Seriously, there is not much to say.

  • Mike came over...

  • ate in a couple of minutes...

  • then dropped his pants

  • and was finished

  • before I even got my top off.

  • Oh... That’s mean.

  • Oh...

  • Then, he passed out on my bed.

  • How about you guys?

  • Ah...

  • it was...

  • amazing.

  • Really?

  • Yeah. Doug picked me up in a taxi...

  • we went out for a romantic dinner...

  • then we wandered the city.

  • Nice.

  • Yeah.

  • And when we finally got to his place...

  • he lit some candles...

  • pleasured me for an hour...

  • best... foreplay... ever.

  • After an hour of wild sex...

  • and if that wasn’t enough, he held me

  • for the entire evening while we talked.

  • It was paradise.

  • Wow.

  • So, how did it go with Anna last night?

  • Amazing.

  • Dude. I get over to her house and she’s got food laid out everywhere.

  • It was so good.

  • So I filled up...

  • I fucked...

  • and I fell asleep on her bed.

  • I still got home in time to watch the game.

  • What? You didn’t even spend the night?

  • No.

  • Why? Did you?

  • Fuck, dude. Don't even ask.

  • The whole night was a disaster.

  • I come home. The electricity is out, right,

  • because I forgot to pay the bill.

  • So, now I have to take her out.

  • When it turns out the dinner is so expensive

  • I cannot even afford a taxi to get us home

  • so we had to like... walk the entire way back.

  • I get home, I have to fumble around for a bunch of candles

  • and get them all lit.

  • By the time that’s done

  • I’m so fuckin tired,

  • I can’t even get it up

  • for like an hour.

  • By the time I could, it took me another hour

  • to get off.

  • I swear the god, I was so pissed

  • I couldn’t even sleep.

  • We just like... lay there...

  • together...

  • all night.

  • It was awful.

  • That sounds terrible.

  • Chicken?

So, how did your date with Mike go?


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他說.她說(短喜劇片)He Said. She Said. (short film comedy)

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