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  • OK before this video starts

  • I have a very very very very very very important announcement


  • Isn't that right?


  • Cringemas is coming, on Friday and Saturday


  • So cancel all your plans


  • cause you don't want to miss Cringemas, it's a live stream


  • Mark and Jack are flying all over here to Brighton


  • We got this whole thing set up


  • Its gonna be the best live stream ever


  • and it's for charity, It's for the charity of red


  • which we're also supporting with tuber simulator


  • It's to help prevent aids to great charity


  • We got a lot of cool stuff happening on the live stream

    而且這是慈善活動,charity RED

  • A lot of people are coming


  • A lot of people involved and there's a penguin! 0_0


  • We have a penguin


  • Do I need to tell anything else? I don't think so!


  • but PJ and Emma are coming to, they live in Brighton


  • so obviously they're gonna be there


  • There's gonna be presents


  • All kinds of shit!


  • Friday 5 p.m, I'll see you there


  • UK time, all the Info is in the description


  • and you don't want to miss this one, I've done a lot of live streams but this is by far the biggest one I've ever done so


  • * Big Inhale* OHHH let's start the video!


  • *Pewds mom talking on the phone in mumbles*


  • Pewds: Mom!


  • Pewds: mom


  • Pewds: mom, no I'm not a Nazi


  • Pewds: I'm not, I promise It's just a stupid article

  • Pewds: Mh


  • Pewds: OK love you too


  • Heya Hydra


  • I'm use to getting hate comments

    Hail Hydra(九頭蛇萬歲)

  • and just generally really dumb comments!


  • That's normal!


  • But now we got some next level shit this is *chuckles* this is kinda impressing you know


  • I've seen bad articles, but now they all just came out at once


  • *Pewds reading* "Youtube removing Pewdiepie's subscribers after news comes through that he is in favour of the Nazi's party"


  • *Pewds is just done with this generation*

  • Ok no that one is clearly fake! Ok fake article, what else do we got?


  • *Pewds read* "Pewdiepie says Youtube is killing his channel because he's white"


  • Ok clearly another fake com- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • PewDiePie more like PewDieWhine

    Youtube移除了Pewdiepie的訂閱者, 因有消息說Pewdiepie支持納粹組織

  • *Long Pause*


  • *Pewds clap* Got roasted *chuckles*


  • That's just too clever, how can I possibly have a response


  • PewDieWhine how come I never thought about that before It's genius *Pewds facepalm*


  • *Sad music* *Pewds read* "Is there anything more annoying than some insecure rich... guy"


  • Wait "insecure?"


  • *Pewds ponders his life*


  • *Pewds start to cry* Ok I guess- I guess you know I mean I know Im a little self conscious about my body


  • You know I feel weird about it but you don't have to sneak that in there, ok


  • *Pewds giggle*


  • What do you mean, insecure rich guy?!


  • What do you mean is there anything more annoying?! Yes there is, this article


  • How bout that for starter


  • *Pewds read* "That they're victim of a conspiracy against them for being white"


  • What?!

    我的意思是 我知道我對自己的身體有點小小的自我意識過剩

  • What?! (Poor pewds)

    你知道我對它感覺很怪 但其實根本不需要偷偷摸摸的,好嗎

  • Why do they... Where do they get this from?


  • *Pewds echo* "I'm not gonna let Youtube win I see how it is, It's because I have so many subscribers


  • They're tryna kill my channel, this is ALL a conspiracy, Youtube wants to kill my channel"


  • It really seems like he's really serious right there


  • I really didn't detect any sarcasm in his language so I'm gonna go ahead and write an article where I slander him pretty much


  • That seems like the right thing to do and well I'm at it, I'm gonna sneak in and call him insecure *Pewds chuckle*


  • Hmm what's the title?


  • PewDiePie? PewDieShit? NO that's not good enough!


  • I got it *Pause*


  • PewDieWhine


  • Because he complains


  • *pause*


  • Roasted


  • *giggle*


  • ok here's- here's the thing


  • Can you tell when I'm speaking seriously?


  • And like I said this is not just affecting me


  • Its affecting other youtubers and creators that you care about


  • Like, does this guy have autism?


  • I don't like to make that joke but I- Im


  • I'm concerned if you thinks that was-


  • If he can't tell the difference


  • Like, why is this an article?


  • Be- because of clickbait maybe that's why


  • Because- because hating on Pewdiepie is such a meme


  • That we can- we can get more clicks from it


  • Good, you- you did it, good job


  • Congrats, hey man congrats on your journalism job I think


  • You're really doing a great job


  • *Pewds reads* "This apparent conspiracy against him has led to his popularity falling-

  • he said in a video where he ranted against the video hosting site."

  • *Pewds read loudly* "BUT IT'S THIS PART OF THE CLIP that's even more ridiculous than the rest of it."


  • *Pewds in the video* "They want someone else on top, someone really extremely cancerous

  • Like Lilly Singh's

  • I'm white *Clap* can I make that comment? But I do think that's a problem

  • Now that, you know what? That seemed- that seemed like something he was serious about-

  • he really seemed genuine about that statement, so no I'm- I'm glad you created this

  • So here we go (Brace yourself)

  • Swedish YouTuber, who is the most subscribed user on this site, highest earner with an annual income of 12 million

  • It's also funny because apparently he- he just wrote 12 dollars *chuckles*

  • But then updated it, so I'm curious what else he corrected in this article

  • Oh *Pewds lick his fingers*

  • Oh *licks them again*

  • I can taste the salt, through the article

  • Oh

  • *Makes squirrel noises*

  • Oh It's nice and salty

  • Oh and by the way

  • 12 million, oh that's cute

  • He thinks I make 12 million

  • *Pewds start to laugh because no one knows how much money he makes*

  • 12 million

  • Okay, sure

  • Whatever you want buddy

  • Whatever you say man

  • *Pewds reads* "Also claimed that Youtube wanted to put someone else on top of the site, someone extremely cancerous"

  • Well I'm gonna change that

  • Eh, to you James Dawson

  • You're extremely cancerous

  • *Pewds reads* "The new top dog might be Lily Singh, a Canadian, with Indian heritage-

  • he suggested

  • No I never said that, what the fuck!

  • I'M THE TOP DOG (yes you are!)

  • Wish I was Candian

  • *Sniffles*

  • It's fucking bullshit

  • *Pewds read* "Nice one, get cracking then mate"

  • That's journalism right there, ending an article with-

  • "Get cracking then mate"

  • *Giggle*

  • I didn't know British media was so bad (Its awful)

  • It's so bad

  • You know I thought Swedish media was bad

  • But in- Brtish media is just...

  • This is just the weirdest thing I've ever seen

  • This is what people would actually think if I didn't have a chance to, you know

  • Cause people just read the title

  • People just read this and they're like

  • Oh okay

  • I see

  • Pewdiepie's a Nazi's now that's-

  • Alright *Chuckle*

  • It's extremely annoying how I can't make jokes on my channel

  • Without anyone quoting it as actual, facts

  • Like something I've actually said

  • Do they know my- have they seen any videos coming out on my channel?

  • Are they so desperate for clickbait that they will literally-

  • Literally, slander someone else's name in the process?

  • You know they're clearly taking my name, shoving it into the ground

  • just to get more clicks on their shitty, fucking website

  • It's ab- It's disgusting

  • It's absolutely disgusting

  • How desperate can you be?

  • This clickbait journalism-

  • Is just the- the purest form of cancer

  • Sports Rageous, what the fuck is that?!

  • Why is Sports Rageous posting that I'm-

  • that I'm racist?


  • Question mark

  • What the fuck

  • Is this

  • How is this a thing.. How

  • He was being sarcastic, did you even watch the video fully??

  • Thank you!

  • Well I'm glad to see that people understand in the comments

  • Good god when did you become buzzfeed, remember when you were an actual newspaper for real journalism?

  • Well

  • This is just how it is now

  • Cause fucking buzzfeed gets million of clicks and real- real news stories doesn't get enough coverage

  • so they got to clickbait to keep up

  • You know- *Chuckle*

  • You know if Keemstar has more journalistic integrity than you

  • Than you know it's a big- It's a big fucking problem!

  • And by the way, Pewdiepie Isn't white, he is Sweeden

  • OKAY?

  • So *Claps* Can I make that comment? Can I say that?

  • *Pewds read* "You crying about not getting 2mil veiws, I am lucky to get 200 veiws-

  • Oh no views

  • and I have been on youtube since 2008, stop sooking, grow up"

  • You know what? I won't stop sooking!

  • Shut the fuck up, I'll sook as much as I like, okay?


  • I've been sooking since 2008

  • This is so typical, alright

  • This one wasn't directed at me but whatever, I found it

  • ,*Pewds read* " Pewdiepie is literally complaining that one of his videos didn't reach 2 million views

  • Lum- Laughing my fucking ass off, cry about it!"

  • Did you watch- DOES anyone watch the whole video?

  • Isn't always just picking whatever part that they see-

  • You know, think is convenient

  • The video literally is me standing up for everyone on youtube

  • I- and I even explained that it's not about the views

  • It's about reaching your audience, but you know whatever's convenient for you to shit on me

  • Go ahead, you know

  • *Pewds read* "Some of his videos only get 2 million views, It's hardly worth his pulling a T-shirt on-

  • talking for six minutes in a totally adorable, super relatable way about putting the T-shirt on-

  • then asking his subscribers to leave feedback about the T-shirt-

  • while meanwhile checking if Forbes is putting him on the 2006 (I think he meant 2016) richest stars list

  • Dud- this is the salty shit I have ever read, you know what I didn't *chuckles*

  • I didn't ask for my private banking to get leaked, okay?

  • I didn't a- I don't care

  • Take away, fucking 3 zeros on my paycheck I would- you know what make it four

  • Take away four zeros on my paycheck, I would still be making this

  • They never seem to end for some reason, they always-

  • You know, ev- every year there's something coming out like this

  • Where just insane claims about me

  • You know I've- I've read articles about me all about all kinds of shit

  • I'm- I'm racist now, and then I'm sexist

  • I think that I- there's been like I've been pedophile

  • It's just sooo many insane claims

  • OH that I was hitting my gurlfriend

  • Its like... (stupid?)

  • These like horrific claims, I- I- I just keep have to take from med- from the media

  • It will get them clicks...

  • and- uh who cares?

  • Who cares if there's a real person behind it right?

  • I mean media has been doing this for years, literally slandering people

  • So what's the fucking difference now?!

  • Hmm?

  • Who cares about youtube? OOH I don't like youtube!

  • OOH gotta write an article!

  • OOH he's racist now!

  • UH *sticks tongue out*

  • I don't like that he's making more money than me!

  • UGH It's not fair, UGH!

  • Getting in the media's public attention

  • If anything I realized Is that whatever I've learned about other people through media-

  • Is clearly being skewed well- well growing up and-

  • Because I've seen how they represent me in the media

  • And you know what? It's fine! If I'm- If I'm not perfectly represented in the media

  • But when there's just, pure fucking slander

  • Like this, I'm not gonna just stand like, step aside for it and take it

  • This is- this is *chuckles* It's too- It's too dumb

  • Thanks for defending me when these shitty stupid articles arrive I- I really appreciate that

  • *Inhale* And uh I'll see you in the next video

  • Stay awesome *Bro fist*

  • *Blackness* (If you're afraid of the dark look away for a second)

  • *Pewds doing something

  • *Pewds put on a hat*

  • *Very dramatic music*

  • (Also nice underwear bro!