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  • Hi guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on "as long as". Now,

  • this lesson is not about "as long as" in a comparative sense, like, if I say, "My arm

  • is as long as three rulers, maybe?" But it is about three other ways that we can use

  • this very common, everyday expression. So a couple things that we have to learn about

  • "as long as", and we'll do them in a three-step process.

  • No. 1: we're going to look at this sentence, and you will tell me what is the correct way

  • to finish it. So the sentence is, "I will remember you as long as I live/I will live."

  • Which one do you think is correct in this situation? Okay, well, you already have "I

  • will" in the first part of the sentence, so you don't really need it in the second part.

  • The reason for this is that we generally use "as long as" in the present tense, okay? So:

  • "as long as I live". We don't really say "as long as he will live" or "I will be here"

  • or whatever it is. Generally, we just keep it in the present tense. Now, it is possible

  • to use in the past as well. We just don't really use it with "will". What does "as long

  • as" mean? Well, in this situation, it actually means, like, "for the duration of", "for the

  • duration of the period". So "for the duration of my life", "as long as I live", "for the

  • duration of this period", okay? The second sentence says, "You can come as

  • long as you're quiet." So if you have a friend who's very talkative, who's very social and

  • loud, and you don't want to them to come with you to, let's say, the grocery store or in

  • a public place. But you tell them, "as long as you're quiet, you can come." What do you

  • think "as long as" means in this situation? What can you replace it with? When you look

  • at the context, you might think of the word "if", right? So "as long as" can also be used

  • to mean "on the condition that", okay? So, "as long as" here means "on the condition that".

  • "On the condition that you are quiet, you can come." So think of it a little bit

  • like "if", okay? Now, finally, we have "The meeting could be

  • as long as three hours!" Now, after "as long as", we said that we can use it for duration,

  • and this is definitely duration, not condition. But what we are doing is we are emphasizing,

  • right? It's to emphasize a really long time. So if you want to emphasize a really long

  • time, you can also use "as long as". So we can use it for emphasis before a number. And

  • I apologize for my writing. I think you guys can understand that, okay?

  • So we can use "as long as" to talk about duration. We can use it to talk about conditions, and

  • we can also use it to emphasize a number like a really long time.

  • So I have three more sentences at the bottom, and I'd just like you to tell me how we're

  • using "as long as" in these three situations. "I will help as long as you buy pizza!" So

  • if you have a new building, a new apartment, you have just moved in a new house, and you're

  • painting. You need to paint your house. You invite some friends, and one of your friends

  • says, "Okay, I will help as long as you buy pizza -- right? -- for us, for helping." So

  • this is obviously condition, okay? So I'm going to just put -- maybe I'll write it here--

  • "condition", just "con." This is a condition. I will help as long as you buy pizza, on the

  • condition that you buy pizza. "He can talk for as long as 1 hour!" So if

  • you have, again, a very talkative, chatty person, a talkative friend, and you want to

  • emphasize -- right -- -that, "Oh, my goodness, they can talk forever." So here, this is for

  • emphasis. And finally, "As long as I'm here, I will

  • help." So again, this is for duration -- "for the period of time that I am here",

  • okay? So guys, here are three ways that you can use this very common, everyday, English expression.

  • I'd like to thank you guys for listening to this and listening to me for the past 100

  • videos. This is actually the one hundredth video that I have done on

  • When we started in 2009, I wasn't sure if we would ever get this far, so the fact that

  • I'm doing this in this year still is incredible. So once more, thanks, guys.

  • And as always, if you'd like to test your understanding of this material, you can check

  • out the quiz on, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

  • Thanks, guys. Take care.

Hi guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on "as long as". Now,


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