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  • In Kung Fu Yoga, Aarif Lee also has an important partner, that is, Zhang Yixing

  • However when Aarif mentioned him, he let out a complaint

  • That day he was too handsome

  • I'm telling you! He stole my thunder!

  • That day, that day all the girls were all like 'hi who is this?' 'Yixing is too handsome!'

  • I was just dumbly sitting, how tacky was I

  • What happened?

  • We went to the chief's house to eat a meal

  • uh, a very very formal dinner

  • And he had a small piano over there

  • That chief said whoever knows how to play can go play at any time

  • I said Yixing go perform something

  • He performed spontaneously

  • about 20 minutes of playing self indulgingly

  • Afterwards when he was done, all the people were clapping

  • Reporter: So that time he stole all your thunder?

  • Yes!

  • Refuse to accept!

  • Often times now, I will play and sing on the piano at home

  • My dog gets really happy

  • Zhang Yixing stealing his thunder in a big way

  • and he can only go home to play the piano to his dog

  • really makes the heart ache

  • Yixing go perform something

  • Ah, that, that's not good

  • This is just a joke! Aarif Lee revealed that outside of work

  • They are actually like minded good friends

  • (During breaks) Yixing and I would take out our guitars and sing together

  • and discuss his music

  • And I discovered, wah, his music dream is really strong and intense

  • and he's very enthusiastic about music

  • and he has a kind of not giving up kind of strength

  • When I see Yixing being persistent with music

  • My dream is to be an action actor

  • Then I need to work harder to make that dream come true

  • My dream is to become an action actor

  • then I need to work harder to realize my dream

In Kung Fu Yoga, Aarif Lee also has an important partner, that is, Zhang Yixing


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英子】170116中國電影報道。功夫瑜伽》李亞俐接受採訪 李藝興被剪掉了 ([Eng Sub] 170116 China Movie Report: Kung Fu Yoga Aarif Lee Interview Yixing Mention Cut)

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