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  • Aaaah.....

  • I'm Bethanie Mattek-Sands. I'm a professional tennis player on the WTA tour.

  • Doctor: There we go...

  • Holy (bleep).

  • DJ: Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Kind of the rock star of female American tennis.

  • I think of my whole life as pushing it to the limit.

  • Whoooooo!

  • With Wimbledon 10 days away, there's a million things to do. Glass helps

  • me stay organized, so I can stay focused on my tennis and what I need to do.

  • What's going on?

  • Friend: Good seeing you.

  • This is my spot, surrounded by greatness. Me and Andre! (giggles)

  • DJ: Wimbledon coming up. What is your level of preparedness?

  • Being 28 I've learned to listen to my body.

  • DJ: 28??! How come you're not retired??

  • (laughs)

  • It's like being about 92 in tennis years.

  • Singapore sunrise...

  • You're always looking for that extra edge to help you feel better, help you

  • play better...

  • It smells like fresh-cut grass (laughs) !!

  • Allowing yourself to be mentally clear...

  • 6 racquets...

  • a big part of confidence. You can't have all these distractions in your

  • mind because you'll miss important things that might help you win a match.

  • Team Mattek-Sands is early! Has that phrase ever been muttered?

  • That's key for me. I mean, that's my job.

  • Alright Wimbledon. Here we come!

  • First up is hangout session with Doc, and then I get to do my hair! With Charlie!

  • I hate wearing all white, and at Wimbledon you have to.

  • This is a big decision!

  • But there is nothing in the Wimbledon rule book that says I can't color my

  • hair.

  • OK Glass. Take a picture. Share it with my fans. Unveiling the new colors

  • for

  • Wimbledon.

  • Wimbledon is special. There's a history to it, and you feel that when you're

  • walking onto the court.

  • Test 1, 2...

  • The first day on grass is ugly. The timing is different, the ball bounces

  • different, the movement's different.

  • Coach: This is incredible.

  • I know, I didn't know I turned my head so far, like right there.

  • Whether you're winning, whether you're losing, you gotta stay calm. Once

  • you get over those first couple days, you feel great again!

  • It's a fantastic day for tennis today at Wimbledon...

  • The way I approach matches is, they're all the same. Whether I'm playing

  • Wimbledon or whether I'm practicing in my backyard. I've put in all the preparation

  • leading up until that point, and I'm visualizing what I want to do. It's

  • Bethanie Mattek-Sands!



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