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  • is Karl Lagerfeld genius?

  • I listen to my inner voices.

  • like a french male version of the Joan of Arc

  • black, like white, was the best colour.

  • I personally only like high-class escorts.

  • i don't like sleeping with people i really love.

  • I hate children, for other people it's fine but not for me.

  • the models are skinny, but they're not that skinny.

  • I hate telephones.

  • I prefer faxes because i like to write people really friendly with have faxes.

  • Anna Wintour has one.

  • Im the computer by myself

  • sweatpants are a sign of defeat

  • you lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.

  • buy small sizes and less food.

  • politics is interesting if you are in politics. If not, forget about it.

  • I will never vote my life

  • looking looking like an S&M fanatic without being one is grotesque.

  • it can be very embarrassing for others. When followed by action it's also kind of rediculous.

  • If I were pretentious i would say that i'm not an average person.

  • I have nothing to say. From what i could say, I cannot say.

is Karl Lagerfeld genius?


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時尚經典人物「卡爾·拉格斐」瘋狂語錄 Craziest Quotes from Fashion Mogul Karl Lagerfeld

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