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  • Alright, it’s me Ed Sheeran innit… I’m just sitting here, trying to write another

    好的, 這就是我, 紅髮艾德, 應該吧...我正坐在這, 試著多寫一些

  • hit song, just generally trying to be, y'know, creative and all that. Thought I’d draw my life for you

    潮歌, 就像我平常一樣, 就是創作, 試著把我的人生故事畫給你們看

  • guys while I’m waiting for some inspiration... This is just kind of what I do mostly, sit

    順便等著靈感出現... 這就是我大部分時間做的事, 坐著

  • around and wait for something to write about. I’m always writing songs, I’ve got too

    然後等著看有沒有值得寫的東西, 我都是在寫歌, 我其實已經

  • many songs in fact, sometimes I just give them away. Like that One Direction song Little Things,

    寫了不少歌, 有時候我就把它們送掉, 就像1世代那首小事情

  • that was me. I’ve written some songs for Taylor Swift, Christina Perri and loads of others

    那是我寫的, 我也寫了一些歌給泰勒絲, 克莉絲汀還有一堆人

  • as well. I’m just a nice bloke like that, I guess... But I can’t really think of anything to

    我就是這麼好的一個傢伙, 應該是吧... 可是現在沒甚麼事情

  • write about now... I usually just write about the stuff around me…. like right now...

    讓我寫.... 我通常只寫發生在我周遭的事....像現在

  • eh... I see fire, photographs, a lego house... But nah... probably nothing in those, probably not a single song in

    呃... 我看到有火, 相片, 樂高房子... 不過...沒感覺, 大概這些東西

  • any of them, I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud here. WAIT…. Ed youve done it

    不適合寫歌, 不知道, 我只是把想法說出來, 等等.... 艾德

  • again!


  • Anyway, I was born in Halifax in the UK on February 17th 1991. My dad John was an

    不管了, 我1991年2月17日出生在英國的哈利法克斯, 我爸是一個

  • art curator and my mum Imogen? She was a jewelry designer. You can probably guess that music was a

    藝術策展人, 我媽是做珠寶設計的, 你可能猜得到音樂在我童年時期

  • big part of my childhood. I’ve got an older brother Matthew, growing up we both wanted

    佔了很大的部分, 我有一個哥哥, 馬修, 在我們成長的過程中

  • to be musicians. He’s a classical music composer now... and a bitter and resentful

    兩個人都想成為音樂家, 他現在從事古典音樂編曲的工作... 和貢獻一些怨恨

  • Ed Sheeran tribute act. Just kidding, love you Bro! I started playing musical instruments

    紅髮艾德的行動, 開玩笑的, 愛你哦, 哥! 我開始玩樂器的時候

  • as soon as I could stand, piano, guitar, drums… I had plenty of time to get good at them too,

    才剛學會站, 鋼琴, 吉他, 鼓....我花了很多時間學好這些樂器

  • well I was a ginger kid with glasses who kept singing to himself... I didn’t exactly have friends

    嗯, 我曾經是個整天抱著吉他自彈自唱的眼鏡小子.... 沒有甚麼朋友

  • around me. One of the first concerts I went to was the Irish singer songwriter Damien


  • Rice when I was 11. I met him after the show and he told me I should start writing songs

    那是我11歲的時候, 我在演唱會後見到他, 他告訴我我應該開始自己寫歌

  • of my own. The next day I did exactly that. Turned out to be good advice. I saw Damien recently

    第二天, 我就開始寫了, 結果真是個好建議, 我最近見到達米安

  • on my way to one of my sell out tours, while I was driving my convertible, he was busking

    是在我巡迴的途中, 當時我開著我的敞篷車, 他正在街頭表演

  • on a street corner. I threw him a couple of quid, which he seemed pleased about, but he was kind

    在一個轉角的地方, 我投了幾英鎊給他, 他似乎很開心, 後來又變得不大高興

  • of angry when he realized what a success I had become. I said I didn't order the Sweet

    因為發現我現在成功了, 我可沒有點

  • and Sour Rice! Get itDamien Rice. I’m just kidding, love you Damien! That’s just

    糖醋米飯哦! 聽出來了嗎....達米安 . 萊斯(跟米的英文同音), 開個玩笑, 愛你哦達米安

  • one of my legendary Sheeran shenanigansand people say I’m boring.

    這只是紅髮艾德式的瞎掰... 大家還說我很無聊

  • I recorded my first EP The Orange Room when I was 14, it featured all the songs I had

    我14的時候發了第一張EP叫做The Orange Room, 裡面收錄了我頭兩年

  • written over the previous two years and was about all the trials and tribulations I had

    寫的所有歌曲, 都跟我所有做過的嘗試和面對過的艱苦試驗有關

  • faced in my life up to that pointit was mostly about girlsand being ginger. A

    一直到那一年為止, 大部分都跟女孩子有關啦... 還有我的一頭紅髮

  • couple years later I moved to London to join the live music circuit, I did over 300 gigs

    幾年後, 我搬到倫敦去參加一個樂團演出, 我做了超過300場演出

  • in one year. I was attracted to the bright lights of the big citybut they turned

    就在1年當中, 我被大城市的光鮮亮麗吸引住了....但到頭來

  • out to be pretty annoying while I was trying to sleep rough after gigs. I used to play

    卻令人喪氣, 我在演出後常要到處找地方窩著, 通常

  • a show and if I couldn’t find a couch to crash on I’d try and sleep on public transport,

    在我表演後如果找不到可以讓我睡覺的椅子的話, 我就試著睡在大眾運輸工具上

  • before getting up and doing it all over again the next night. I uploaded some of my videos

    然後醒來, 然後再重複同樣的事情, 日復一日, 我上傳了一些表演的影片

  • to YouTube and eventually I got noticed by the English rapper Example, he really kickstarted

    放在YouTube上, 這終於讓一個英國說唱歌手Example注意到我, 他開啟了我的歌唱生涯

  • my career by inviting me to tour with him. In 2010 I bought a ticket to LA and started

    邀請我和他一起巡迴, 到了2010年我買了張票去LA

  • to play open mic nights in the windy apple. Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx heard me and

    開始在一些業餘歌手唱歌的地方演出, 好萊塢的重量級巨星Jamie Foxx聽到我的歌

  • he invited me to stay at his house and use his recording studio. I kept releasing my

    邀請我去他家並且使用他的錄音設備, 我不斷的推出

  • records independently and I was in the iTunes chart before I even had a label. You know,

    我獨立錄製的歌曲並且在還沒成為簽約歌手前就上了 iTunes排行榜, 你知道的

  • like the way the music industry used to work before American Idol and X Factor and all that happened.

    就像樂界在有美國偶像和X音素前所慣有的運作方式, 然後, 一切就此展開

  • In 2011 I eventually signed with a record label and released my monster hit A Team which propelled

    2011年終於有唱片公司簽下我並且發行了 A咖一族這隻猛獸

  • me into the music mainstream around the world. I’ve not looked back since, my albums ÷

    這讓我躍上全世界的主流音樂圈, 從此一路風生水起, 我的專輯

  • and x have gone on to sell millions of copies. I’ve come a long way from sleeping rough in London,

    乘和除銷售量都有百萬張以上, 我從在倫敦街頭流浪到這裡, 真是一條漫漫長路

  • now I’m kicking it with Elton John, Harry Styles, and you know youve

    現在, 我現在和艾爾頓強, 哈利·斯泰爾斯一起, 而且你能感受到

  • made it in America when you get the seal of approval from the most powerful person in

    你在美國也成功了, 因為當今自由世界中最強而有力的人也認可了你

  • the free worldTaylor Swift. And no, before you ask, there’s nothing going on there.

    這個人就是泰勒絲, 呃, 在你開口問之前, 我們之間甚麼也沒有

  • Lonely old EdProbably for the best anyway, could you imagine if we broke upshe’d

    又老又孤單的艾德... 也許這樣最好, 你有想過嗎? 假如我們分手了....她會

  • write a sad breakup album, then I’d write a lonely breakup album. Then she’d write

    寫一首悲傷的分手單曲, 然後我會寫一首孤涼的分手單曲, 然後她又寫一首

  • a revengeful post post breakup album all about my breakup album…. We’d never be out of

    報復我的分手單曲的分手後的之後的單曲.... 我們會永遠走不出

  • the charts... I should really get on that actually.

    這個篇章... 我真的應該繼續我的故事了

  • When it comes to relationships it's been a pretty rocky road for poor old teddy bear.

    對於一隻可憐的老泰迪熊而言, 情路真是崎嶇難行

  • I thought I found a special starry eyed someone, but it turned out she needed more than just

    我曾經以為找到了只為我發亮的雙眼, 結果我一個並無法滿足她所想要的

  • one D to satisfy her. He can have her, that's fine, I reckon she was only looking for a lover to burn anyway.

    沒關係, 我祝他們幸福, 我猜她只是想找個人來毀掉他

  • One of these days I’ll find somebodybut then what will I write songs about? I’ll

    最近, 我會找到某個人...然後你猜我會寫一首什麼樣的歌

  • probably just stick to smoking and getting drunk for now, I’ve certainly enjoyed myself

    可能就一直抽菸和灌醉自己, 我現在真的還滿喜歡一個人的生活

  • so far. Sometimes maybe a little too muchwhich might explain why I’ve got a tattoo

    到目前為止都不錯, 也許有點太喜歡了, 這或許可以解釋我這個

  • of a Ketchup bottle. What else? Oh, I’ve won Brit Awards, an

    番茄罐的刺青, 還有甚麼要說的呢? 哦, 我目前已經拿到了全英音樂獎

  • MTV VMA award and two Ivor Novello Awards, but my prize possession?... my Nandos black

    MTV音樂錄影帶大獎和2座英國原創音樂大獎, 但我最愛的獎品是.... 英國最美味烤雞店, Nandos

  • card. I also learnt how to play the violin in a day for the soundtrack to the Hobbit

    會員卡, 我還在一天內學會了拉小提琴因為要為哈比人電影做音效

  • movie. That was my Draw My Life, thanks for watching Sheerios, there's a whole lot of

    這就是我的漫"話"人生, 謝謝你們的收看, 艾德粉, 有許多好東西

  • good in those little O’s. Don’t forget to subscribe and click here to watch Taylor’s

    在這兒, 記得訂閱這個頻道去看泰勒斯的

  • Draw My Life which probably isn't as good...

    漫"話"人生, 可能不怎麼樣吧....

Alright, it’s me Ed Sheeran innit… I’m just sitting here, trying to write another

好的, 這就是我, 紅髮艾德, 應該吧...我正坐在這, 試著多寫一些

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