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  • First and foremost, I manage the time I have available for my test.

  • I look at the days I have ahead and try to understand the best time to study and how

  • many hours I will have available in those days.

  • Dividing my studying sessions throughout one or two weeks makes studying a much less stressful

  • task and it also guarantees that I am able to cover all of the material during that time.

  • Afterwards I like to make a numbered list of all the topics, questions and sub questions

  • I need to learn to be a hundred percent prepared for that test.

  • This list is very useful so you can keep track of your studying rhythm, telling yourself

  • you need to study, for example, from point 15 to point 30 in a certain day, while also

  • making sure that you don’t leave any small details behind.

  • I like to take my time while developing this list, as it will serve as an index or table

  • of contents for my test as well as future exams.

  • After I evaluated my time and I made my list, I like to make a final calendar, dividing

  • all of those topics I have just numbered into my remaining days.

  • Try to be as mindful as possible of you availability.

  • I always like to have in account weekends, holidays and days when I am just going to

  • be plain busy and it feels impossible to study during that time.

  • This is important so you can manage your workloadsometimes you are going to study more

  • in a certain day and in other days you may only have half to one hour of productive time.

  • Have this in mind as you make your calendar and, if you want to see how I made this one,

  • you can check out my last year’s video, which will be linked on the description box

  • below.

  • After I have decided all of that, I just do my best to study.

  • I normally incorporate all of my textbook notes into my main binder and by this time

  • of the semester I already have the most condensed version of my notes already filed and put

  • together.

  • This helps a lot during revision time because you can count on a batch of notes instead

  • of carrying your textbooks around all the time.

  • Generally, before I start complying with my calendar, I will first skim through all of

  • my material to get a general idea of the main issues that the test will focus on and afterwards

  • I will study the dedicated topics during each day.

  • I like to read slowly and take any notes on the margins if I have the need to.

  • If I have the time I also like to take my time to create study guides for individual

  • topics or for the overall subject.

  • Study guides are mainly developed topics in bullet form that comprehend all of the points

  • you should cover in an answer.

  • These are very useful so you can structure your answers in advance and take your time

  • to understand how you should respond in your test, while also further reinforcing your

  • knowledge on the subject and making you understand how ideas and concepts connect and work together.

  • Of course that this mostly applies to essay-based questions instead of more direct or multiple

  • choice questions; in that case, using flashcards is a more effective studying method because

  • you are relying on definitions and concepts that you need to directly translate into your

  • answers.

  • I do all of this while using the Pomodoro technique, this is, studying for twenty five

  • minute blocks and making short breaks in between.

  • You can use any timer for this as well as apps like the Pomodoro app or the Forest app,

  • which makes the process a little bit more fun.

  • If you would like to know more about this technique just check my video on the subject,

  • which will also be linked in the description box.

  • I hope youve enjoyed this video.

  • Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you next week.

  • Bye!

First and foremost, I manage the time I have available for my test.


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