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  • Hey guys! I'm Brittany. I've been kind of in a weird head space today, but I decided

  • we could all probably use a break from current events so let's talks about dogs

  • So this book right here has spend 7 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list

  • It is currently at number 2 for paperback fiction

  • It was adapted into a film starring Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, Josh Gad and

  • and a bunch of other fantastic people

  • The basic premise of the story is that there's this dog who keeps getting reincarnated.

  • into several different lives

  • and in each life that he lives he learns a new lesson, and he starts piecing these lessons together

  • to fulfill this ultimate purpose.

  • So without further ado, let's jump into my top changes. ALSO Things are gonna get pretty spoilery pretty

  • quickly, so if you care about that you might wanna leave

  • The dog's first life is lived as a stray

  • And in the book he learns this really important lesson from his mom of how to survive

  • basically on human trash and how to be very stealthy while doing it

  • And eventually the dog gets picked up with his brother and his mom to this family who's basically dog hoarders

  • And eventually the hoarding family gets caught and they get busted by the police.

  • And Toby is euthanized by the dog catchers

  • In the movie the dog's first life is glossed over. Like, VERY glossed over

  • It's barely a blip on the screen.

  • I wish they had shown the lesson that Toby learned from that life, which is

  • his mom teaching him how to survive without human contact. Cause..

  • In the dog's final life as Buddy, in the book and in the movie, it's the same, he's kind of

  • Abandoned by this family and he's trying to find his way back to Ethan

  • He's trying to smell him out. But in the book it's evident that the dog goes to great lengths to try to avoid

  • all human contact and not get picked up

  • And live on the street by himself

  • until he has enough time that he can figure out where Ethan is

  • and that was so moving and such a touching love letter to how much Bailey truly loved Ethan

  • And I felt like the emotional impact of how much the dog was kind of willing to go through to find Ethan

  • was really touching and a little bit lost in the movie

  • Number three, Ethan's antagonist - the nemesis to Ethan

  • So in the book and the movie, Todd is a morally bankrupt arsonist, but in the book he's way way

  • more twister. From the time they're little kids, Ethan andTodd kind of grow up together

  • And Todd is basically like Sid from a toy story

  • Todd blows up his sister's toys

  • And at one point in the book Todd actually dognaps Bailey and tries to kill him

  • His little sister steps in and rescues Bailey

  • But Todd later on successfully kills another neighborhood dog

  • like, he's so twisted.

  • So in the movie they took some of Todd's evilness and some of the antagonism that Ethan felt with Todd

  • and shifted it onto Ethan's dad.

  • They really amplified any tension that Ethan had with his Dad

  • And in the book, Ethan and his parents fight. In the movie it was way way worse

  • They added in that whole epic scene at the farm that culminates in Ethan's dad leaving permanently

  • And the movie makes it a lot clearer that Ethan's dad

  • has a debilitating alcohol addiction.

  • Number four, let's talk about Ethan and Bailey.

  • Ethan + Bailey = LOVE

  • Bailey has so much live for Ethan and

  • in the movie they add a few things in like when

  • Bailey escapes from the garage to be with Ethan

  • And with all the shenanigans with the coin collection

  • Get it out Bailey! Get it out!

  • In the book when Ethan is staying with his grandparents on their farm he gets left home alone

  • For just a little bit and he takes the horse and the dog and he goes on this really really long oudoor adventure

  • And he gets completely lost, like, mega lost

  • Eventually it gets really bad. They spend the night outside and Bailey actually saves Ethan's life

Hey guys! I'm Brittany. I've been kind of in a weird head space today, but I decided


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狗的目的|書與電影 (A Dog's Purpose | Book vs Movie)

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