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  • John: Hey, John Sonmez from Today the video is not a question, kind of

  • just an observation that I’ve made. So, everyone sort of, kind of has this idea that

  • someday that theyre going to be rich or theyre going to be a rock star. I’ve

  • kind of noticed this mentality that a lot of people have. I think it’s really a mentality

  • that prevents you from actually going out and doing things that are going to actually

  • lead you down the path of becoming rich or a rock star.

  • Let me talk a little bit more about what I mean by this. Maybe you suffer from this as

  • well, because I found that a lot of people kind of subconsciously have this mentality.

  • They thinkwhat this is is thinking that someday, someday in the future I’ll have

  • a mansion. Someday in the future I’ll be famous or I’ll be rich or whatever it is

  • and they live their life that way. You can think of it this way is if you ever see something

  • like a movie where someone’s rich or famous or whatever and you think about howyou

  • just assume that someday youre going to reach that. You never assume that that won’t

  • happen to you, right? Because most people really do honestly think this.

  • You have to do some digging to figure this out, but it’s apparent in the way that you

  • live your life because people just assume that good things are going to happen to them

  • very often. Maybe youre guilty of this. I know I was at some point. Once I started

  • to figure this out and started taking action it changed things around for me. A lot of

  • times you might just feel likeit’s kind of hard to describe, but this idea that these

  • things arethings are just going to happen, things are just going to go your way eventually

  • and it’s so far off that you don’t see the path for getting there so you just think,

  • okay, well, maybe someday, if youre young in your 20s you think, “Well, when I’m

  • 40 or 50 I’ll make itor “I’ll do this thingor “I’ll be super successful.”

  • It’s actually a very dangerous belief because it limits you from actually accomplishing

  • the thing. If you believe that youre going to get there anyway it’s kind of like the

  • tortoise and the hare. You think about that Aesop fable. The hare is so confident, he’s

  • like, “Yeah, I’m going to win the race, I’m super fastso he goes and he runs

  • and he takes a break and he’s not trying his hardest because he just assumes hell

  • eventually get there. That’s how I feel that a lot people think of life is they think,

  • well, someday I’m going to be a rock star, someday I’m going to be famous, someday

  • I’m going to be rich, someday this is going to happen. Even maybe not even grand dreams,

  • a lot of people are just like in complete disillusionment about their own retirement.

  • They think that someday their 401K is going to be magicallyis going to be able to sustain

  • them when there’s no signs that show that it ever will.

  • That can happen with your career, right? You might think, oh, someday I’ll be the architect

  • or the CEO of the company or I’ll be an executive but youre not going to just by

  • having that thought. You actually have to take action and do things.

  • My advice to you would be to think about this and see if you have this fallacy. Again, it’s

  • probably subconscious. I think most people really just think that someday everything

  • is going to work out for them. Even in relationships people think this as well. Theyre like,

  • Oh, someday I’ll find this perfect person for me or my soul mate.” They don’t actually

  • ever take action in any of these things because they just assume it’s going to work out.

  • The reality of the situation is people that do become rich and famous and successful and

  • executives and CEOs of Pepsi or whatever it is, what they do is they bust their butt.

  • They work really hard. They have a dream, they have a vision, but they have a plan to

  • get there. If you just assume that something is going to come that’s going to fall on

  • your lap you don’t make a plan. Just like the hare who didn’t have a game plan for

  • his race he just assumed he’s going to win then he doesn’t try very hard, he doesn’t

  • have a plan. He doesn’t put that in place. I’d encourage you if you feel like youre

  • in that in place to just take some moment, take a moment and think about reality and

  • think about how that’s not going to automatically happen. Youre not automatically going to

  • become a celebrity someday. Youre not automatically going to become rich someday. Maybe that will

  • scare you and then you can think about what is your plan. How could you get to where you

  • want to get and come up with an actual plan and start taking action today?

  • I think, again, a lot of people the reason why they don’t take action, the reason why

  • theyre lives just go on and they never actually accomplish anything is because of

  • this, because they just assume that someday so far off that you can’t even imagine it

  • that you don’t have to really bring reality into it theyre going to achieve some kind

  • of ridiculous goal or dream that theyre not even setting out to do.

  • Don’t be that kind of person. Be the kind of person that actually sets goals, realistic

  • goals and does action to achieve them and youre going to be a lot happier and successful

  • in life and you won’t be later on in your life wondering where your youth went and the

  • dreams that you never accomplished because you just assumed that theyre going to fall

  • in your lap. Anyway, that’s my advice for today. Hopefully it’s helpful to you. If

  • you have a question for me you can email me at I’m happy

  • to do a video. As always, subscribe to the channel. Take care.

John: Hey, John Sonmez from Today the video is not a question, kind of


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