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  • Australia. We're one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world.

  • Every year the waste we generate is growing at twice the rate of our population.

  • As a nation, we use over 10 million plastic bags a day

  • causing a crisis in our oceans.

  • So how did it come to this?

  • Back in the 60s we pioneered recycling programs...

  • "A plea has gone out to all Australians. Recycling is in."

  • ...and launched campaigns to keep Australia beautiful.

  • "January 21st 1989 has been proclaimed Clean Up Australia Day."

  • So what has changed?

  • To find out, I'm going to dive into Australia's waste problem...

  • "I saw about five fish and a lot more rubbish."

  • ...challenge a street of every day Aussies...

  • "Can I steal your bin?"

  • reduce the staggering amount of waste we're producing.

  • "The average family throws out over $3,500 worth of food a year."

  • Shocked by the mountains of food waste happening on farms...

  • "I don't like to watch that."

  • ...I go head-to-head with the major supermarkets and confront them on their cosmetic standards.

  • - "Our Odd Bunch range has been going for a while." - "No, no, but I'm saying put it on there with your proper stuff."

  • I chase down the politicians...

  • "Wait for me!"

  • - "I've got a child, be careful!" - "You want to protect that child's future."

  • ...and ask why they haven't banned the plastic bag.

  • "Environment Minister, do you want to sort this out?"

  • ...and show the shocking consequences of our addiction to fast fashion.

  • "Every 10 minutes we throw out this many clothes."

  • Will we all think differently about our morning ritual...

  • "We're declaring a war on waste, Melbourne."

  • ...when we learn the facts?

  • "50,000 coffee cups in this tram alone and we throw out a billion a year."

  • "They all go to landfill."

  • I want to find out why we've become a throw away society.

  • And more importantly, what can we do about it?

  • It's time to start a War on Waste.

Australia. We're one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world.


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廢物戰爭。延伸偷拍 (War On Waste: Extended Sneak Peek)

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