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  • Have you ever seen a dark house that looked completely empty?

  • That kind of house can look especially spooky at night.

  • Well, those kinds of houses inspire scary stories

  • especially around Halloween.

  • Halloween, as you may know,

  • is celebrated on October 31.

  • It's a holiday that encourages us to be silly and scary all at once.

  • Whether you're watching this video in October or not,

  • I hope you enjoy the reading.

  • It's a description of a house that is empty of people,

  • but full of secrets.

  • Do you know what synonyms are?

  • They're words that have a similar meaning.

  • In the reading, you'll see an example.

  • "Whole" and "entire" are synonyms.

  • They both refer to all parts of a group.

  • Also, there are two interesting expressions.

  • First, a room, a place, or a group of people can fall quiet.

  • This means it suddenly becomes quiet.

  • Second, sometimes we wish we had all the information about a situation.

  • We wish we knew every detail.

  • So we say, "If these walls could talk..."

  • or a variation like, "If only walls could talk."

  • Why? Because walls see and hear everything.

  • They hold our secrets.

  • Listen for these words and expressions.

  • Let's read together.

  • This first time, I'll read aloud and you read silently.

  • Let's read the text again.

  • This time, listen and repeat after me.

  • This third time, we'll read together.

  • Let's read slowly and smoothly.

  • Now we'll do our final reading.

  • We'll read together at a natural pace.

  • Try to read with expression.

  • What do you think could have happened to that family on the farm?

  • Do you have ideas for continuing the story?

  • Share them.

  • Well, that's all for now.

  • I hope you enjoyed reading with me.

  • Thanks for watching and happy studies!

Have you ever seen a dark house that looked completely empty?


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口語閱讀流利度21--"If Only Walls Could Talk"--英語詞彙與發音。 (Oral Reading Fluency 21 - "If Only Walls Could Talk" - English Vocabulary & Pronunciation)

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