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  • Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

    嗨,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

  • What if you only slept a couple of hours every night?


  • Is sleep really that important to your health and well-being?


  • Let's find out togetherand then maybe we'll take a well-earned nap.


  • Well, it looks like some people might only really need a few hours of sleep called "short sleepers" or the "sleepless elite".


  • These individuals might make up about 1% of our society and are the early birds and night owls of the world, only needing a few hours a night with the sandman.

    而這些人可能僅佔我們社會的 1%,也就是世人所稱的「早起的鳥兒」和「夜貓子」,他們只需要睡上短短數小時,就可以和睡魔搏鬥。

  • Maybe even just 1!


  • However, some scientists disagree on if these individuals are still at their best health at only a few hours of sleep a night.


  • And even if they are and this is true, keep in mind that they're only a very small percent of the population.


  • Most of us need quite a few more hours of sleep a night than that.


  • But just how much?


  • The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep and teenagers get around 8-10.

    國家睡眠基金會建議,成人大約得睡上 7 到 9 個小時,而青少年大概得睡 8 到 10 個小時左右。

  • This amount increases the younger a person is, with newborn babies needing 14-17 hours of sleep for optimal health.

    越年輕的人需要睡越多,新生兒通常需要 14 到 17 個小時的睡眠才能保持最佳健康狀態。

  • And for all my teenage friends who find it hard to stay awake in class, the sleep experts at the National Sleep Foundation have your back.


  • They say your biological internal clocks help keep you awake later in the evening, making it so that you want to stay asleep during those early morning classes.


  • Phew! I thought it was just me.


  • It seems like getting the right amount of sleep is important to staying healthy for most people.


  • With a study that looked at older adults, researchers found that sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 10 a night was associated with a higher likelihood of healthcare use.

    在一項針對高齡長者的調查中,研究者發現那些每晚睡眠少於6 個小時或高於 10 個小時以上的老人,需要醫療服務的可能性比較高。

  • Shorter sleep durations were linked with greater odds of emergency department visits.


  • And longer sleep durations linked up with greater odds of overnight hospital stay.


  • Maybe the saying should be the right amount of sleep a day can keep the doctor away!


  • Yeah let's make it up of that, 'cause I'm not a big fan of apples.


  • Disrupting your sleep seems to have negative consequences on your health as well.


  • Based on current studies, sleep disruption has been reported to increase the risk of incident dementia.


  • One such study examined 737 older adults and found that greater amounts of sleep fragmentation was associated with an increase in cognitive decline.

    有一項研究調查 737 名老年人,發現大量斷斷續續的睡眠會使認知衰退提高。

  • Sleeping less also seems to have a correlation with Alzheimer's disease, which is the most common form of dementia.


  • In a 2017 review article published by the Oxford University Press, it's been hypothesized that human's natural selection for shorter sleep cycles has compromised the efficacy of the physiological mechanisms that protect against Alzheimer's disease during sleep.

    牛津大學出版的 2017 年出版的一篇回顧性論文顯示,研究假設人類在選擇短睡眠週期時,就已損害在睡眠期間保護對抗阿茲海默症的生理機制。

  • They believe this because humans sleep less than other primates, but have a much higher prevalence of Alzheimer's disease pathology.


  • This article was very recent, but further research to shed more light on this could potentially go a long way with protecting people from Alzheimer's disease!


  • Long story short, you should probably get some sleep, because your body depends on it.


  • So what have you found to be the best amount of sleep for you?


  • Any tips on how to catch a few more Z's?


  • Let me know down in the comments below!


  • If you guys haven't heard, Life Noggin has relaunched a channel called "Play Noggin".

    如果你還沒聽說,Life Noggin 開了一個新頻道叫做 「Play Noggin」。

  • It's all about exploring the science of your favorite video games.


  • So if you love Life Noggin and wanna know even more, check it out.

    所以如果你喜歡 Life Noggin也想知道更多,去看看吧!

  • Some Minecraft users dedicated countless hours to building in game computers.


  • One such user, Carls Limerson, even built one that simulates Minecraft within Minecraft.

    使用者 Carls Limerson 甚至在《當個創世神》中建了一個模擬的《當個創世神》。

  • As always, I'm Blocko, this has been Life Noggin

    還是老樣子,我是方塊仔,這裡是 Life Noggin。

  • Don't forget to keep on thinking.


Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin.

嗨,歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

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一天要睡多少小時才足夠? (How Much Sleep Do You REALLY Need?)

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