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  • They look so focused

  • They're makin' plans

  • They're talkin' strategy

  • That doesn't include me.

  • They made a model of a hideout

  • And little figurines

  • But now my little guy's got

  • Shattered dreams.

  • They don't want me, they don't need me

  • Now I'm all alone.

  • Sittin' with this coffee and a five-dollar scone.

  • I could help, but my hands are tied.

  • They left me standin' outside. (They don't want me)

  • (They don't need me) Me standin' outside

  • (They don't want me.) Oh, they left me standin' outside.

They look so focused


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A2 初級 美國腔

Phineas and Ferb 歌曲 - 他們讓我站在外面(包括歌詞)。 (Phineas and Ferb song - They Left Me Standing Outside (include lyrics))

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