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  • With every step you take The journey of your life.

  • And your adventure begins As husband and wife

  • The one you love is here. He's making things okay. (Okay!)

  • Just think of all the adventures on their way!

  • Like Bull-running! Bungee-jumping! Sky-diving!

  • Hang-gliding! Wave-riding! Wake-boarding! Wedding Adventure!

  • Snowboarding! Scuba-diving! Treasure hunting! Whip cracking!

  • Head banging! Foot stomping! Wedding Adventure!

  • Bob and Tiana are husband and wife. They're gonna have the time of their life

  • By Ski-jumping! Snake-charming! Cow-tipping! Hamster-chasing!

  • Cake-baking! Car-washing! Wedding Adventure!

  • Remember every step that you take Started with Candace's chicken cake!

  • It doesn't matter how you choose to toss the dice.

  • Your marriage is the adventure of your life.

With every step you take The journey of your life.


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