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  • I was born on October 7, 1984

  • along with my twin brother

  • I had ten fingers and ten toes

  • Everything seemed like it was fine

  • As a baby, I was not as fussy

  • and didn't cry as much as my brother

  • I was a shy child

  • When I was little, it was ok

  • if I didn't talk

  • It is ok to be shy when you are younger

  • As I grew older, people expected me

  • to grow out of it

  • It was supposed to be a phase

  • It was more than a phase

  • I had selective mutism

  • My name is Kim

  • This is my story

  • When I was younger, there were two sides of me

  • At home, I was a happy and loud child

  • "La la la la la la la!"

  • "It's my movie!"

  • If I was with a lot of people, I would shut down

  • Sometimes, I felt frozen in place

  • Even though I have always been able to

  • talk to most of my family

  • there were still times when it was hard

  • Cousin- Ready, say it, say it

  • say hike

  • I would get very anxious if all eyes were on me

  • At school, I played with my brother a lot

  • I loved learning and did what I could

  • to be a part of it

  • I had good grades when I was younger

  • I played like all of the other kids

  • Nothing was wrong with me

  • I was shy and was going to grow out of it

  • When I was younger, I didn't think

  • about how quiet I was

  • As I grew older, the anxiety

  • grew and held me back

  • I felt like nobody understood me

  • I was told I was doing it on purpose

  • and to start talking more

  • Sometimes, it was hard to even pick up

  • a pencil in class

  • I started to becomeing afraid of doing

  • things wrong

  • In my mind, I rather not do it all

  • than do it wrong

  • I started failing my classes

  • Teachers didn't know what to do with me

  • Being in class made me anxious

  • I was usually punished for not doing my work

  • Teachers got mad at me if I didn't talk

  • As a teenager, I was supposed to

  • be able to get over my shyness

  • I learned that I wasn't just shy

  • I had selective mutism and my anxiety

  • was taking over my life

I was born on October 7, 1984


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A2 初級

選擇性突變症第一部分(CC (Selective Mutism Part 1 (CC))

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